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Philosophy & Approach

Day in the Life

General School Mission

"There is such beauty in the world around us. Every minute of our lives presents opportunities to appreciate the exuberant laughter of a young child, the graceful butterfly fluttering by us, the changing hues of a sunset or the outstretched hand of a friend in need. So much of life passes us by because we never realized the potential available to us if we only open our eyes, ears and hearts to the endless possibilities just waiting for us.

A young child can easily learn their alphabet, their shapes, their numbers, even how to read and write if they want to learn and are properly encouraged. My vision for what I would like to achieve with young children is so much more encompassing. I believe that as an early childhood teacher it is my job to develop curious children who can't wait to uncover new discoveries, delight in their findings, always wanting to share their news. They would find wonderful attributes in others and, using all of their senses, seize each opportunity for observing. I would always jest that my job as a mother was not so much for teaching, as it was to create zest for life and a yearning for learning. We will be taking baby steps in learning about our preschool environment, learning autonomy and prosocial behaviors.

One of the most important facets in being a good teacher is to learn from my children, as they will learn from me. I feel I will be far more successful if I initially observe, and find what types of personalities, behaviors and interests I will be working with.

I feel many things should be taught in preschool, but most importantly, I feel a calm, smoothing atmosphere where everyone's opinion is valued is most important. I will be introducing process art as a small group activity. I like the idea of plan, work, recall as it gives them an intention for the day and such a great sense of accomplishment.

Emergent reading and writing tools will be available at the school. I truly believe children will read and write when they have the enthusiasm to do so. My job is to create that interest. I strongly believe in the hands-on approach to learning which coincides with all the High scope philosophies.

I believe they learn best when they are having fun doing a concept, much the same as hands-on learning. The environment in my room will be cheerful, friendly and inviting.

Discipline is a gray area for me. My preference is a warm, friendly voice with lots of encouragement and an explanation when needed as to why situations may not be a very good idea. All the problem solving, referring to others, making choices, and taking care of their own needs will be incorporated into our day. I also believe they are the key ways to changes behavior patterns so that discipline is a rare issue as opposed to the norm.

As a teacher, I plan to do all I can to be welcoming to the children, soft in my approach, warm and caring, but firm. I have learned the importance of varying activities from small group to large group, sitting to standing, and keeping the day moving so they do not get restless. I have always had an exuberance for life and hope I can find ways to stimulate this in the minds of these young learners. If I could only help one child have a better life, or make him see all the possibilities in this world, I will be fulfilled. Lookout preschoolers, we have quite a journey ahead
Excerpted from the preschool's website

A Typical Day

"LARGE GROUP Attendance, hello song, calendar, weather, color song, and overview of the days activities.
FREE CHOICE Children choose from the activities of the day including an art project.
CLEAN UP Children always clean up as a group.
LARGE GROUP Show and tell, finger plays and songs.
MUSIC and MOVEMENT Bean bags, singing and dancing.

Excerpted from the preschool's website