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400 Congdon Street
Chelsea, MI 48118

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Philosophy & Approach

Day in the Life

General School Mission

"Learning is a natural and ongoing phenomenon, which emerges as we interact with and respond to our environment. As young children play, they develop strategies and form relationships that enable them to create a world that makes sense.
At Chelsea Children's Cooperative, we believe it is our responsibility to provide multifaceted opportunities for preschoolers to explore, experiment, and grow in a safe, nurturing, and age appropriate arena. Our program is committed to helping individual children:
Develop and maintain a positive self-image
Stimulate creativity and a personal interest and joy in learning and discovery
Work toward self-sufficiency and independence
Develop problem solving skills
Cultivate cooperative social skills with adults and peers in large and small group situations
Improve their coordination, balance, rhythm, strength, endurance, and body awareness as it relates to health, safety, and fitness issues
Exercise self control
Accept and respect others and their opinions
Successfully communicate their thoughts, feelings and ideas through language, art, music, dance, etc.
Become proficient and competent elementary school students from early exposure to educationally sound activities that introduce and subtly teach “pre-academic” competencies necessary for later school success in math, science, social studies, and reading
Have fun and enjoy “school”
Research based studies maintain that parents are the first and ultimately the best and most influential teachers. To this end, we are dedicated to providing services to our community within the context of the family. Parents are provided opportunities and are encouraged to assist in many aspects of school development and operation. Establishing a genuine partnership between children, parents, and teachers in an educational setting benefits everyone.
Chelsea Children's Cooperative philosophy, curriculum, and classroom practices are based on findings from professional resources and research in the field of early childhood development and education. We continually evaluate and revise our practices to reflect what is currently known about children.
Valuing the family as a unit as well as the individuality and worth of each of its members is our philosophy and practical approach to preschool education. "
Excerpted from the preschool's website

A Typical Day

"Daily Schedule
Morning Class - 8:15 Afternoon Class - 11:30
Assisting parents and their children arrive. You will be briefed on the day's activities, do the routine pre-session duties, and can help with last minute preparation and set-up.
Morning Class - 8:30 Afternoon Class - 11:45
Interior school door opens. Assisting parents greet children and help with nametags (when needed). Children are free to explore the room and begin playing. The daily project at the Art Center remains closed until after gathering time.

Morning Class - 8:45 Afternoon Class - 12 noon
Gathering time. Gathering time includes taking attendance, marking our daily calendar, songs, finger plays and an explanation of activities at "centers," including special art science, and/or cooking projects. (All family members are encouraged to join in Gathering time.)

Morning Class - 9:00 Afternoon Class - 12:15
Center time (Free Choice Time). Assisting parents help as needed in center activity areas. Of particular importance is the gross motor area. Structured group activities, games, music and creative movement are offered at this time. Special cooking and science projects require additional supervision, too. Ordinarily we like to have no more than four children at the art table at one time. If we keep the number low, we should only need one parent there to help. This is a very busy and hectic time during the day, but please take time to observe and interact with your own child. Having you at school means a lot to your child.

Morning Class - 10:00 Afternoon Class - 1:15
Clean-up Time. A magic wand or other signal is used to designate clean-up time. Assisting parents help children pick up room and clean off tables for snacks. Parents also need to help children wash their hands and use the bathroom as necessary. Occasionally we do a group activity such as Magic Science before washing hands. At least one parent needs to remain with the children while the other(s) prepare for snack
Morning Class - 10:15 Afternoon Class - 1:30
Snack Time. Assisting parents join children at the tables for snacks. Children are encouraged to pour their own water, help themselves to snacks, and clean up their own spills, as instructed. This is an important social time during the day.

Morning Class - 10:30 Afternoon Class - 1:45
Circle and Library time. Another group time, similar to Gathering time, where we share our daily experiences and read or dramatize a story pertaining to our weekly theme. As many assisting parents as possible must join the teacher in the library once the tables have cleaned after snack. On select days, this time will also include share time.

Morning Class - 10:45 Afternoon Class - 2:00
Outdoor Play. Assisting parents help dress children for outdoor play and make sure art projects and share toys are in the children's “Cubbie Boxes”. One parent needs to remain inside to clean up from the day's activities and prepare the room for the next session. All others must help supervise children on the playground and assist the teacher with sign-out sheets.

Morning Class - 11:00 Afternoon Class - 2:15
Dismissal. Children will be either outside (weather permitting) or outside the classroom in the hallway when parents arrive to pick them up. Assist parents should stay until all children are picked up.

Excerpted from the preschool's website