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Concord Pre-School & Kindergarten

4300 Scio Church Road
Ann Arbor, MI 48103

(734) 662-6002


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Philosophy & Approach

School Philosophy

General Approach to Learning: Play-Based

Day in the Life

General School Mission

We aim to provide our students with a true "preschool experience" in an intimate and homey atmosphere. We are not a "day care center", although we do provide day care services. We are a "learning-based" program that is playful, not play-based. Children at Concord Preschool and Kindergarten learn by playing with others, by participating in teacher-led group activities, and by going on field-trips.

* Although we do provide care we are not a "day-care center". We do not, for example, provide infant care. Our mission is to provide a true "preschool" opportunity.

* We are not a large center. Our school is small, nurturing, home-like and "child-sized".

* We do not push children beyond what they are ready to learn and succeed at.

* We do not adhere to a "system". We believe that the individual needs of a child are more important.

* We are not big. We are not corporate. Parent and student input makes a difference in how we do things.

A Typical Day

Program Highlights:
Individualized basic education
Science education
Global and cultural awareness
Environmental studies
Dance and movement
Music specialists
Daily art

A typical day at Concord includes:
* Calendar Time - We use this time learning to recognize numbers, letters and phonics by playing simple math games and creating alphabet characters out of craft sticks and yarn.
* Snack Time - We use self-help skills such as pouring our own juice or getting a cup and napkin. We have the "number of the day" placed on the table, which the children read and count that amount for their snacks (Children may have seconds). Soon, the children are able to print the numbers themselves. Of course, we practice our best manners as well.
* Big room - During our time in the Big Room, the children have free choice to select from quiet reading, dramatic play, sensory table, block building and cognitive games.
* Gross Motor Room - We use this room for exercising large muscles through dance, movement and games. We also use this room for dramatic play, acting stories, or nursery rhymes.
* Outdoor - State Licensing requires that all children participate in outdoor play. If it is raining or too frigid, we will use the Gross Motor Room. Please send in the proper clothing for outdoor play and be sure to label everything with the child's name.
* Circle Time - During this time, we discuss our weekly theme and work on a related project (science project, art or craft).
* Gathering Time - The whole school meets together for 15 minutes to sing songs, listen to a story, learn finger plays or problem solve through puppets.

We suggest that you follow up your visit to our website by calling (734) 662-6002 to hear more specific information about our program. Read the “contact us” page on open houses if you would like to visit and see the school first-hand.


Handling Separation: From the Director

We work with parents to reduce separation anxiety and have discussions with the parents as how best to proceed. We do not have formal policies in place on this matter and prefer to coordinate with the parents for a strategy we both think will work (i.e. we are flexible).