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J B Day Nursery

17505 Russell Avenue
Allen Park, MI 48101

(313) 561-4350


Philosophy & Approach

Day in the Life

General School Mission

"Special emphasis is placed on the development and coordination of large and small muscles. With this goal in mind we have carefully selected the finest materials and equipment available today.
Children have the freedom and opportunity to use their abundant energy as they participate in thoughtfully supervised activities.
Well-balanced hot meals are attractively served in cheerful surroundings. The mealtime atmosphere encourages your child to explore a variety of nutritious foods. The menu is posted each month in the office and sent home with each child.
At naptime a comforting and peaceful environment promotes rest and relaxation with naptime stories and music. For a personal touch from home see information under "things your child will need."
The environment is designed to stimulate creativity and imagination.
Verbal and non-verbal communication skills are improved through the use of role-playing, storytelling, group interaction, handcrafts and creative materials.
Cognitive skills are improved as each child progresses at their own developmental level.
Your child learns to relate and interact with other children and the staff in a miniature society.
Children learn to respect the rights of others, themselves, and authority figures. Thus they can develop confidence and maintain or acquire a positive self-image.
A feeling of being accepted as well as the learning of social skills are gained through group play experiences
The children learn of God's love and its relevancy to their lives
Religious concepts are used to help the child develop positive attitudes toward high moral conduct.
We are non-sectarian. We welcome children from all the religions of the world"
Excerpted from the preschool's website