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Philosophy & Approach

Day in the Life

General School Mission

"A gentle transition
Peopleplace is a licensed, accredited preschool for children age eighteen months to five years old. We also offer a weekly program for infants and their parents and a daily afterschool program for kindergartners. Peopleplace has chosen to remain small, offering young children a gentle transition from home to school, where they will not be overwhelmed by large numbers of children or much older children sharing facilities and playground.
Fostering a love for learning
We believe that a premature emphasis on academic skills can undermine a child's disposition for learning. Peopleplace is committed to developing a love for learning in the individual child, broadening the child's foundation for knowledge, and building upon it with skills that are relevant and appropriate. With an established disposition for learning, our young graduates transition easily from Peopleplace to their next educational setting.
Why a cooperative?
Peopleplace Cooperative Preschool was founded over 25 years ago on the conviction that parental involvement in early childhood programs is of tremendous value to both children and their parents. Children are thrilled to have their parents know their friends, work with their teachers, and set aside time to be with them in their own special place. Parents have the chance to discover new ways of communicating with children and to foster deep feelings of kinship and camaraderie with other families and staff.
While the presence of parents in the classroom is a constant at Peopleplace, unlike many cooperative schools, we invite parents to participate in their child's learning experience in the way that best meets the parent's particular talents and interests. This can mean editing the school newsletter, leading a nature walk in the Peopleplace woods, helping with school repairs and maintenance, serving on the board of directors, or leading an educational workshop for other parents. Pooled energy and ideas enrich and enliven all of the children's experience. Additionally, we find that parents who have become actively involved in their child's early education tend to become strong advocates for their child's further learning.
Excerpted from the preschool's website