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Aleem Acadmey

7543 Main Street
Sykesville, MD 21784

(410) 795-5375


Philosophy & Approach

Day in the Life

General School Mission

"In keeping with its mission, Aleem Academy has developed a strong curriculum that integrates reading, language, math, science, social studies, art and music appreciation, and Quranic and Islamic studies. In addition, all grades participate in daily communal prayer (salat) during the school day. Every Friday, staff and students observe Jumma - the Muslim Friday prayer. All grades participate in a daily reading/story time conducted by the teachers as well as periodic school assemblies, projects, productions and field trips. There is also a weekly physical education program for all grades to promote the development of fitness and coordination. Library and computer skills are also integrated for projects, research and expansion of coursework. To assure that students deepen their skills, subjects for all grade levels will be frequently integrated. For example, reading and writing skills may be employed during an in-depth social studies topic; or writing and speaking skills may be used to present information on Islamic studies, and creative writing and visual arts will complement social studies and science projects. This method of subject integration reinforces learning in all areas, helps children to use applied knowledge, and builds a strong foundation in science and liberal arts.

Excerpted from the preschool's website