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Bolton Hill Nursery

1316 Park Avenue
Baltimore, MD 21217

(410) 669-3668


Philosophy & Approach

Day in the Life

General School Mission

"At Bolton Hill we believe that play based learning is one of the most open and creative ways of giving your child a diverse and healthy experience. In a play based learning philosophy teachers are an integral part of facilitating thoughtful play. They provide the resource to help move the child's play through their physical and mental developmental processes by intimately knowing each child and their needs. Our classrooms are full of diverse projects to focus on expanding the child's awareness and mindfullness. Some of our activities include music, yoga, story writing and telling, art projects, gardening, building cities, inventing experiments and scavenger hunts. We also strive to give our children the tools they need to be an active citizen, like learning basic language and colors, as well as how you may use this knowledge. Just as each child has their own approach to life, each of our classrooms has their own approach to our play based philosophy. We support and encourage each other to take on new and different ideas, so that our school may incorporate the most exciting ideas possible. To learn more about our play based philosophy please call and ask questions, we love to have conversations with interested parents and children too! "
Excerpted from the preschool's website

A Typical Day

"Nursery School Typical Day:
Children arrive by 9am and we start with a morning song, as drawn by one of our students!
After morning greetings, children get center time. They choose an area in the room (dress up is one!) and play!
At around 10am the children get morning snack, which is brought in weekly by parents. Yum!
After snack it is circle and project time! In the yellow room children built their own cameras today.
Over in the redroom the children are learning about fish and oceans on an underwater adventure!
After circle and projects it is lunch time and Nursery School is over for the day! Now it is time for Day care!
Day Care Typical Day:
Day Care is all day, but the afternoon is Day Care only. After lunch children get quiet play time.
After quiet play time, the children get ready for their nap or rest time by reading, or being read to as a group.
During rest time children may choose to fall asleep or have quiet time on their cots. We all need our rest!
After nap we have snack and then get to do various activies. Today we had music lessons!
At the end of the day we usually get to play outside! What will we do tomorrow!?"
Excerpted from the preschool's website