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Wareham Early Childhood Education And Development Corporation

2438 Cranberry Highway
Wareham, MA 02571

(508) 295-1734


Philosophy & Approach

Day in the Life

General School Mission

"The whole idea of the Wareham Child Care is to provide parents with the best possible child care. In order to provide such care, our staff works toward maintaining a warm and supportive environment for your children.
Some objectives of our program are to provide:
• An environment directed toward the development of independence, creativity, a sense of self-worth and accomplishment.
• An environment in which the children are encouraged to reach out, explore, question, grow and share as individuals in a free-choice situation and as a member of a larger group.
• An environment emphasizing the unique developmental patterns of each child.
• Help to children so they may make their own discoveries about their community, about each other, and about themselves.
To reach these goals, we have designed a program to meet and challenge the emotional, physical, cultural, intellectual and social needs of each child.
Helping us put these ideas into practice calls for a strong commitment from our entire staff. These individuals are qualified professionals, trained in the area of early childhood growth and development. But more importantly, they are caring and loving people.
We believe this approach assures our emphasis will stay where it belongs- On the children themselves . "
Excerpted from the preschool's website

A Typical Day

"6:30 A.M. - the program opens. Free play or child initiated activities are in place at this time.
8:00 A.M. - breakfast is offered and optional to children.
8:30 A.M. - free play/self structured play continues during this period.
9:30 A.M. - meeting time and small group activities, some staff directed activities occur at this time.
10:00 A.M...- clean-up and snack time
10:30 A.M...- outdoor play. Other activities that occur may include stories, language building activities, etc.
11:30 A.M...- story, music and movement time, preparation of tables for lunch.
12:00 P.M...- lunch. Children and staff eat together.
12:30 P.M...- transition time. Children clean up from lunch
1:00 P.M. - quiet time / rest time
2:30 P.M - afternoon snack and clean up.
3:00 P.M. - indoor and or outdoor play with emphasis on large motor activities.
5:30 P.M. - program closes
Excerpted from the preschool's website