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Family Cooperative Preschool Inc

549 Osgood Street
North Andover, MA 01845

(978) 682-4012


Philosophy & Approach

Day in the Life

General School Mission

"We offer parents an opportunity for a better understanding of their preschool child through their participation at the school. Children learn through interactions with people, both other children and adults, and through the active exploration of materials. Our educational philosophy and program are designed to build self-esteem, confidence, curiosity, responsibility and respect for one another. In our program:
The child's physical development and well-being and creative expressions are nurtured.
The ability to problem-solve, to think independently, to make choices and to develop a positive attitude toward learning is strongly encouraged.
Outdoor play and exploration are highly encouraged through the use of the adjoining playground, neighboring fields and hills and the nearby woods and farm.
Children have an opportunity to interact across generations, not only through the families who participate but also through the school's ongoing involvement with the neighboring life care facility for senior citizens.
Children are encouraged to recognize similarities in one another and appreciate differences.
Children are encouraged to enhance oral language skills through interactions with others, small group discussions, problem solving and individual discussions with key adults in the group.
Children build the foundation for learning to read and write through the daily exploration of the school's environment.
Parental Advantages
Not only do parents have the ability to have a hands-on involvement in their preschooler's social, physical, emotional and intellectual development in their first formal program outside the home, but our school also provides extensive informal support for the parents. Our monthly evening co-op meetings allow for not only the business discussions of the school, but also open discussions on child development issues such as:
Playground etiquette
Reacting to misbehavior in social situations
Encouraging safety zones for socialization
Often outside professionals attend evening meetings as guest lecturers covering such topics as, Playground Politics - The Moral Development of 4 and 5 Year Olds, Positive Parenting and Discipline, or The Importance of Artistic Expression in the Pre-school Child. These lectures and related resource materials provide parents with perspective in their child rearing."
Excerpted from the preschool's website