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Philosophy & Approach

Day in the Life

General School Mission

"Knoll-Edge offers an innovative approach to early childhood pre-school programming. We employ instructional methods which appeal to different learning styles and work to incorporate all disciplines – language arts, math, science, drama, and music – into each unit. The children are not grouped, but rather work individually with each teacher during the day and play together as a whole. Working individually with each child allows us to appreciate where each child is in his or her own development, and it allows us to offer to each child the opportunity to grow at his or her own pace. It is the process that matters to us, not the product. The children are given ample time for exploration with many different teacher personalities and styles. This is our team teaching approach.
We have found that this approach to early childhood education promotes independent learners and it enables children to learn to cooperate and thrive in an environment of their peers. This is a child-directed program within a structured curriculum.
Outlying Knoll-Edge schools have been closed and now the Knoll-Edge programs are housed in one building. Each individual classroom has the feeling of a small school within a school. Each room has its own set of teachers, however the curriculum is the same for all.
Other pre-schools emulate the Knoll-Edge approach, the ultimate compliment, however there is only one Knoll-Edge program and it is ever-changing and improving. Many improvements have occurred since consolidating into one building. Foreign language and a gross motor program in our indoor gymnasium are offered on a weekly basis. These programs are included in the rate of tuition. Ongoing sensory units and cognitive game centers have been developed. Anne is the creator of children's books that have been written for the center. A new work is added to our curriculum each year and the favorites are enjoyed over and over again.
Excerpted from the preschool's website