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Philosophy & Approach

Day in the Life

General School Mission

"As child advocates, we feel that it is a basic right of all children to grow and develop in an atmosphere of warmth, comfort, safety, and cleanliness and in an environment that challenges their individual needs in a way that will produce well-adjusted and self-sufficient adults. Ideally, the family's home environment will provide the setting for this to happen. However, when people must go outside the family unit, we feel that a child care service selected must provide appropriately for all of the child's needs.

Our Developmental Philosophy
The development of young children requires an understanding of the goals needed to achieve this mission. You will find that our philosophy is "humanistic" in theory and developmental in approach.

We feel that by using three basic guidelines, we have included the needs of all children in our goals. The following is an outline of these goals, which we strive to achieve in our programs offered to children:

All children need:
To explore the world around them
To learn to play and work with others
To use their growing and changing bodies
To challenge themselves and learn new skills
To think of themselves as capable people
To accumulate basic self-help skills

Children learn by:
Testing and exercising their minds and bodies
Handling, tasting, smelling, and observing
Acting things out and reliving experiences
Sharing materials, experiences, and relationships
Feeling secure, accepted, and loved
Solving problems in their own ways
Participating in challenging curriculum
Modeling their environment and the people around them

Children's rights are:
The right to be treated with kindness and respect by teachers, classmates, and parents
The right to feel and express emotions, whether happy, sad, angry, excited, etc.
The right to feel secure and comfortable in their environment
The right to build warm and caring relationships with staff and peers
The right to be constantly encouraged to attempt new skills and interests
The right to be allowed the freedom and guidance to develop at their own pace
The right to have individual concerns and needs that will be heard and cared for

Adventure Kids, Inc., holds memberships in the following organizations:
National Association for the Education of Young Children
Montachusett Association for the Education of Young Children
Massachusetts Independent Child Care Organization
North Central Massachusetts Chamber of Commerce
Leominster Community Partnerships for Children
Fitchburg Community Partnerships for Children
Clinton Community Partnerships for Children

Excerpted from the preschool's website