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Small Word, VA Medical Center

150 S. Huntington Ave BUilding 9
Jamaica Plain, MA 02130

(617) 232-8286


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Philosophy & Approach

School Philosophy

General Approach to Learning: Play-Based

From the Director:

We have a curriculum that encourages the joy of learning, with an emphasis on social skills, pre-academic skills, early literacy, math, science, and Spanish, which are predominantly teacher led. We also have a structured music program. We also have play stations and see teachers as knowledgeable guides, giving encouragement and value strongly the importance of play.

Day in the Life

General School Mission

Small World serves as an advocate for children, their families, and their teachers in the community and society. It is the philosophy of Small World Child Care Center that children are unique individuals who deserve a warm, secure environment that promotes a sense of joy, curiosity and discovery in learning. We encourage children to develop socially, intellectually, and creatively as they grow. We value an inclusive environment that respects the distinctive qualities of others and individual aspects of themselves. We partner with parents to promote and enhance the child's growth and development.
We have committed ourselves to the following pursuits:
For classroom life to be consistently nurturing and filled with learning opportunities for each child Provide early childhood programs that consistently promote and positive learning and developmental outcomes for all young children. This includes children whose families are culturally and linguistically diverse; children whose families are diverse from socioeconomic groups; children with disabilities; and children with various learning styles, strengths and needs
Appreciating early childhood as a unique and valuable stage of the human life cycle
Basing our work with children on knowledge of child development
Appreciating and supporting the close ties between the child and family
Recognizing that children are best understood in the contexts of family, culture and community
Respecting the dignity, worth and uniqueness of each individual (child, family member, and colleague)
Helping children and adults achieve their full potential in the context of relationships that are based on trust, respect and positive regard

A Typical Day

(breakfast and lunch are included in the program)

Home-School Connection

Home-School Connection: From the Director

Newsletter, board meetings, parent-teacher conferences, family get-togethers, picnic, pot lucks, parent-run clean-up, connection to serves/referrals/annual summaries - progress reports

Parents Say They are Encouraged to:

  • Sit on the board of trustees
  • Hold social events at the school to build community
  • Fundraise
  • Are able to visit the school anytime we want
  • Go on field trips
  • Volunteer in the classroom
  • Receive newsletters

Modes of Communication

  • Notes
  • Phone Calls
  • Voice Mail
  • Email
  • Special Meetings
  • Two or More Regular Conferences
  • Drop-Off
  • Pick-Up
  • Regular newsletter/printed updates circulated to the whole school


Separation is Handled through:

  • Pre-entry meetings with parents at school
  • Small group sessions

Handling Separation: From the Director

Teacher/parent discussion based on child's individual needs.