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Summit Montessori School

283 Pleasant
Framingham, MA 01701

(508) 872-3630


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School Philosophy

General Approach to Learning: Montessori

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General School Mission

"The young person who faces the world of tomorrow with self-confidence and self-discipline is most likely to achieve success and happiness. Maria Montessori stated that the "aim of education is to touch the child’s imagination so as to enthuse him/her to the innermost core." Summit Montessori School has this same strong commitment to the development of the whole child.
We strive to inspire in each student a passion for learning and living in the context of a nurturing and caring school. The children’s joy of learning and discovery is fostered at an early age in warm and intimate community, which is cultivated and developed through passionate, committed teachers.

The dedicated faculty take great interest in each and every Summit student, and together they work to guide students to think for themselves and become actively engaged in the learning process. Each student is challenged to work to his or her potential in the academically rigorous environment. Our teachers believe in following the lead of each child and, as such, address the needs of each individual child as they arise. This cultivating and challenging environment encourages students to see that learning is its own reward and that each success fuels a desire to discover more. The Summit environment is a source of life lessons in social skills, grace, courtesy, and ethics, as well as a close-knit community of support. The students learn to celebrate differences and, as a result, are very respectful of the ethnic and socioeconomic diversity of our student body. Through this mode of respect, Summit students learn to communicate, resolve conflict peacefully, and become caring leaders. This caring nature also extends beyond the classroom as Summit students take part in community outreach work, engaging our students’ concerns for justice, social conscience, and moral reasoning. Summit’s curriculum is designed to provide our students with the tools needed to create a solid foundation of knowledge. Our devotion to the development of a partnership of trust and respect among children, teachers, parents, and the larger world enhances these tools and is evidence of our recognition that children are an essential part of society and their development is our collective future.
"We are all witnesses to the unfolding of each human spirit, to the raising up of each child who…will have the clarity of vision to direct, shape, and lead the future of human society." - Maria Montessori

Excerpted from the preschool's website