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Mckay Campus School

67 Rindge Road
Fitchburg, MA 01420

(978) 665-3187


Philosophy & Approach

Day in the Life

General School Mission

"1. The educational environment will support the diversity of learning styles and cultures.
OUTCOME: All students will achieve to the highest levels of their abilities in a caring and supportive environment.
2. The interactions among all members of the McKay community are respectful and responsible.
OUTCOME: A safe and healthy school climate is present at all times.
3. Appropriate implementation of the social curriculum will teach greater self control so that decision making is responsible, reflecting an
understanding of a respectful and caring community.
OUTCOME: Behavior will support and sustain a focused learning process for all.
4. Knowledge of our students' cultures and experiences and an awareness of parents' hopes and dreams for their children is the foundation for all interactions and provides a democratic framework for living and learning at McKay.
Equity and respect for diversity defines all decisions and parents' hopes and dreams for their children are an integral part of learning at McKay.
5. Everyone in the McKay community is engaged in learning. Enthusiasm and eagerness for learning are a part of every day, every lesson and every life.
OUTCOME: The culture in McKay is supportive of life long learning.
6. Discussions about students involve a focus on high expectations for student performance and sound teaching practices.
OUTCOME: High expectations are at the center of all teaching and learning at McKay.
7. Literacy is central to all areas of the curriculum and is supported by current empirical research and guided by continual assessment with proven outcomes.
OUTCOME: All students and staff demonstrate the characteristics of a literate community.
8. Professional development is the cornerstone of maintaining quality education and embracing life long learning.
OUTCOME: Everyone in the McKay community engages in higher levels of learning.
9. As a Teacher Education Center, McKay staff members demonstrate best practices and support the development of the same in pre-service teachers in their pursuit of a teaching career.
OUTCOME: Exemplary pre-service teacher experiences strengthen the collaboration between Fitchburg Public Schools and Fitchburg State College. 10. Modes of teaching, assessment and social norms are developed in ways that enable high achievement to occur for both elementary students and college students.
OUTCOME: All students achieve at their highest levels as they exit McKay Campus School for the next learning community."
Excerpted from the preschool's website