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Philosophy & Approach

Day in the Life

General School Mission

"We are the international leader in child education and family solutions, which impact and inspire lifelong learning.
To develop innovative Learning Care solutions which enable us to grow the number of children and families served and to be recognized as the premier child and family education corporation in the world.
Through our leadership and passion we will:
Provide a secure, caring and enriched environment that promotes learning and the development of the whole child.
Develop lifelong relationships, create family solutions, and enhance the quality of life for our families.
Provide a fun, challenging work environment that fosters teamwork, inspires professional excellence, and encourages contribution by all team members.
Leverage technology to develop innovative learning products and solutions.
Provide superior levels of support and service to our schools.
Achieve the best financial performance in the industry, allowing us to fulfill our mission"
Excerpted from the preschool's website

A Typical Day

"INFANT PROGRAM (6 weeks - 12 months)
8:30 Your daughter is greeted by her teacher, who tempts her with her favorite toy.
8:45 Mmm.....a bottle. She's got to have energy for a busy day.
9:10 "I want that!" Your daughter develops fine motor skills through grasping squishy blocks.
9:40 Oh boy! Outside we get to go for walks on the playground.
10:05 Touching, feeling, squeezing, squeaking — it's time for sensory activities.
11:00 "Look! I can get to that toy!" Your daughter develops gross motor skills while crawling and cruising.
11:30 Time to eat — and time for some one-on-one cuddling and cooing.
12:00 A big yawn and droopy eyelids mean it's time for her nap.
1:30 Up and at 'em — the fresh breeze outside makes her giggle with joy.
1:50 Roll the ball...what a fun game!
2:15 Your daughter reaches for her teething cracker — she's hungry again!
2:30 Toys to push and roll are more than fun — they help her develop her motor skills.
3:20 Story time. Your daughter points at the pictures as her teacher reads. Today she learns the "b" sound.
4:00 It's time for a song. Your daughter bounces along to the music and mimics some of the words.
5:20 Your daughter's face lights up as she reaches for you — her teacher tells you about her marvelous accomplishments during the day.
8:45 Your son squirms to get down as you carry him inside. His teacher gives him a big high five.
9:15 Everyone gathers around for music — clap hands up, down and behind!
9:40 Your son is fascinated by the big plastic nuts and bolts — a budding engineer, perhaps?
10:05 Snack time — today it's crackers and milk.
10:25 In the library, your son chooses a book about building a bridge.
11:00 Outside for some jumping, running, climbing — what could be more fun?
11:30 The kids dip chalk in water to make a big paper mural — your son draws a skyscraper.
12:10 A nutritious lunch, then off to a personal cot for a rest.
2:30 After the children have a quick snack, the teacher asks the children to match shapes in the room.
2:40 Outside again. The children name things on the ground and in the sky.
3:05 Your son wants to spend time with his bridge book, so the teacher gets him comfy on the couch with some pillows.
3:30 How many children have on blue shirts? Your son is one!
3:55 The children reach into bags — can they tell what's inside by touch only?
4:15 Group time. They discuss and review the day.
5:20 Your son runs up with his book. Time to go!
8:00 Your daughter is looking forward to sharing a favorite book during reading time. When you drop her off, she runs ahead to the library.
8:45 A song to get the day started. The kids act out "Old McDonald."
9:15 Your daughter loves to "read" — she reads her favorite book to the whole class.
9:50 Run, run, run, — it's outside and a game of Tag.
10:20 Whew! Now the kids are hungry — they have some crackers and juice.
10:45 The children cooperate to build a tower of boxes and cover them with paper. After lunch, they'll finish their skyscraper.
12:00 Yummy mac and cheese for lunch — your daughter ate all her green beans, too!
12:30 Time for some rest and relaxation. Your daughter takes a book to her cot.
2:30 Back to the tower. The kids add pieces of shiny foil for windows.
2:45 Outside! Oh, boy! Tossing the ball helps build coordination.
3:10 Looking through a magnifying glass, the children discuss feathers, blades of grass, rocks and flowers.
3:20 A snack keeps them going for the rest of the day.
3:40 Your daughter takes a turn at the drum while the other children move with the beat.
4:15 Group time. The children talk about what they've done and learned.
5:40 You arrive to find your daughter drawing — Just a minute, mom!
8:15 Your daughter runs to the Pretend Center and "makes breakfast."
9:15 Group time. The class gets a preview of the day to come — sounds like fun!
9:40 Sliding and skipping outside burns off a little excess energy.
10:15 Time for a snack. Fruit, cheese and crackers make a great combination.
10:30 During a "Five Senses Fairy Tale," your daughter tells what senses the Three Bears used to discover Goldilocks.
11:00 They try to describe objects hidden in a box, using their sense of touch.
11:45 Time for lunch! A nutritious meal is served family-style.
12:15 Quiet, please. It's time for some rest.
2:30 There's so much more to do! But first, some milk and cookies.
2:45 The children make up a play and, to play the princess, your daughter creates a crown from foil and ribbon.
3:15 The play is a huge success — they want to videotape it next time!
3:45 A one and a two — the kids make up new dance steps to "Hokey Pokey."
4:30 Time to talk about what they've done and learned today — a lot!
5:45 You arrive to take your princess home, still wearing her tin-foil crown.
7:45 Your child is free to explore the learning centers while the teacher greets each pupil and parent.
8:30 Mmmm — a snack! Milk and a bagel and your child is ready to go.
9:15 Large Group time. As the teacher talks about the day ahead, the kids ask questions and make suggestions.
9:30 Your child moves into the Science Center, where she makes "fossils" by pressing shells, pine cones, etc., into clay.
11:00 Outside, the children form a human train and chug around the playground.
12:00 Lunch time! Your daughter takes heaping spoonfuls of corn — her favorite veggie.
1:30 After a short rest, your child spends a little Quiet Time looking at an atlas — she finds her state and town.
2:30 Your daughter loves apples and vanilla wafers — what a great snack!
2:45 Everyone together for Afternoon Large Group — today, they play charades with song titles.
3:15 This afternoon, your daughter chooses the Art Center, where she draws maps of imaginary towns.
4:00 Your daughter and her friends take turns on the slide.
4:35 Back inside, the kids can spend time in a learning center.
5:05 You arrive to pick her up — "Hi, Daddy! I had fun today!"
8:15 Your son dashes to the Pretend Center while you chat with the teacher.
8:30 Snack — today it's toast, jam and fruit.
9:00 All the children assemble and the teacher gives an overview of the day. Then they sing a counting song before choosing learning centers.
9:30 Your child chooses the Language Center, where he works on a story.
10:15 He and two others make cinnamon dough to use like clay.
10:45 It's a beautiful day outside — they point out shapes in the clouds.
12:00 Lunch is served. Your son helps count out the plates for the group. They chat excitedly about the morning.
12:30 Quiet time and a restful nap.
2:30 Time for a fruit cup and crackers. What a great snack!
2:45 Now for a game of musical hide and seek, and your son is "it."
3:00 This afternoon, your son chooses the Math Center, where he and friends make a number chart using different textures.
4:00 The end of the day is a great time for some fresh air and fun outside.
4:30 Back inside to explore some learning centers.
5:20 You arrive to pick him up — he's excited to tell you all about his day.
Excerpted from the preschool's website