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Montessori School Of Dover

16 Sherbrooke Dr
Dover, MA 02030

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General School Mission

""The principles that Maria Montessori emphasized form the corner stone for enlightened parenting in today's world - namely, respect for the individual child, freedom in which to grow, and a stimulating learning environment." (Laurel Kallen, Mothering, Winter 1993).
At Dover Montessori, a high quality, stimulating educational environment is presented to the child so that she can develop in accordance with her natural tendencies and inner needs. The use of developmentally appropriate, interactive materials enhance the social, emotional, physical, and cognitive growth of the child. Individual learning experiences enable the child to progress at her own pace and encourage the development of a unique personality. This is done in a loving and nurturing atmosphere in which independence, cooperation, self-discipline, and respect for others and the environment are strongly encouraged.
From birth to age six, when tremendous growth and development occur, knowledge is absorbed spontaneously. Because all children are different, they need the greatest possible liberty for their individualities to grow. They must learn for themselves in order to develop. They do this through movement and the use of the hands. "The hand is the chief teacher of the child," said Montessori and we, at Dover Montessori, provide many opportunities for hands-on experience.
The Dover Montessori School's philosophy is to develop and satisfy the basic tendencies in the child for order, repetition, exploration, movement, and excellence. When these tendencies are developed, the child becomes secure. When the child is secure, he explores his world with confidence and enthusiasm. This exploration leads to experimentation and discovery which in turn contributes to his whole personality and development."
Excerpted from the preschool's website