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Brimmer and May School

69 Middlesex Rd. Chestnut Hill, MA. 02467
Chestnut Hill, MA 2467

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Philosophy & Approach

School Philosophy

General Approach to Learning: Teacher-Led

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General School Mission

Our Philosophy
Guided by the philosophy of the Coalition of Essential Schools, Brimmer and May's curriculum is designed to help students develop skills in problem solving, critical thinking, and analytical reading and writing. Our goal is for graduates to think independently, work collaboratively, and approach learning with enthusiasm and confidence. We encourage students to explore the connections between the academic disciplines and the world around them.

In the classroom, Brimmer and May students develop respect for themselves and others while discovering and achieving their own potential. With teachers providing guidance and support, students master specific essential skills and areas of knowledge. The curriculum and the classroom environment encourage creativity, and teachers recognize each student as a unique individual. A student-teacher ratio of 8 to 1 assures that each student receives careful academic attention.

Active Learning

Brimmer and May seeks to empower students to be involved actively in their own learning process. With teachers serving as thoughtful facilitators, students are asked to lead discussions, to solve problems, and to carry out independent research.

We offer students an interdisciplinary approach to learning. Taking multiple perspectives on a particular subject helps students develop a deeper appreciation and understanding of the interconnectedness of ideas. For example, when sixth graders study Ancient Greece in their humanities class, they learn about the Grecian monetary system in math, tell Greek stories through interactive software in technology class, and put on plays with Greek themes in drama. In the past fourth graders have written folktales based on tales they have read in class and have produced plays from selected tales. Using Indonesian shadow puppets they have created in art class, they have performed these plays.

Brimmer and May's goal is to present students with a context for their studies; we believe that students retain and understand information much more effectively when they understand why and not just what.