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Cranberry Crossing Day Care

42 N. Main Street.
Carver, MA 02330-0408

(508) 866-2400


Philosophy & Approach

Day in the Life

General School Mission

"Philosophy: The staff of Cranberry Crossing day school values each child as an individual and hopes to guide and observe them as they pass through a most wondrous time of life: Childhood.
We offer the children materials to create with; we share their exploration of those materials and praise their accomplishments. We probe the environment to introduce its wonders to the children and to facilitate their discovery of the world around them, we believe that children learn through play and play experiences.
We service families by caring for their children, communicating in the areas of daily observations, assisting in childcare rearing issues, and presenting information and guest speakers pertinent to these issues. We believe that our childcare center is an extension of the home and will in no way attempt to be a substitute or be in competition with the home. The cooperative experience will set the stage between the child's education and interest and the parent's involvement.
It is our belief that children, who are introduced to many new experiences and are, encouraged to explore as individuals, will enjoy learning and therefore have an increased desire to learn. We believe children learn through play experiences, we also believe that children should be allowed to do their own work and receive praise for their individual accomplishment. In this sense we feel they will develop a positive image of themselves and their accomplishments. We further believe that by sharing our philosophy of nurturing, educating, and enhancing a child's self esteem at an early age, that the children will grow towards being well adjusted and have the self confidence necessary to succeed in life.
Excerpted from the preschool's website