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The Newtowne School

11 Garden Street
Cambridge, MA 02138

(617) 354-0919


Philosophy & Approach

Day in the Life

General School Mission

"Educational Philosophy

At Newtowne our curriculum emerges from the many interests our children bring with them into the classroom. As we observe our students, we provide materials and guidance to help them build on their interests through further exploration and learning. We design our classrooms carefully to encourage childhood discovery, experimentation, and exploration. Drawing on literature, music, and art, we provide children with diverse materials and opportunities to express themselves creatively in many media and in their own natural languages.

During the course of each day, children have the opportunity to work together in small groups using different learning spaces and environments. Each classroom at Newtowne includes art, writing, building, science, drama, and math centers. In addition to this small group work, each class routinely meets together for stories, music, and discussion. From time to time all three of our classroom communities come together for singing, celebrations, and outdoor adventures.

Teachers at Newtowne spend time each day reflecting on each student’s development, as well as documenting student projects with the use of journals, cameras, and other materials. We use this documentation to preserve a record of student work, extend their projects beyond one day by allowing them to return to ongoing work-in-process, and to provide parents and others a glimpse into the school day. As we observe students, listen to their thinking about their projects, and record their work, we encourage them to take their own learning seriously and become more deeply involved in it. In this way we prepare our young children for the more formal learning challenges they will encounter at the primary level.

Newtowne & Working Parents

Newtowne can be a viable and rewarding choice for working parents when at least one parent has a flexible schedule and can fulfill the responsibilities of belonging to a cooperative. As a preschool, Newtowne is not designed to provide full-time childcare, yet the school addresses the needs of working parents with its five-day week and the early drop-off, extended day and summer programs. As a cooperative school, Newtowne fosters a strong sense of community for families. This warm supportive atmosphere helps parents at work feel more comfortable, assured that their children are in good hands.

Community Involvement

Newtowne takes advantage of Cambridge’s rich educational and cultural opportunities. Music, dance/movement and theater are just some of the enrichment programs offered through the school. The older classes take field trips to places such as Drumlin Farm, Harvard’s Peabody Museum and the New England Aquarium. Newtowne parents are a diverse group and are encouraged to share their own traditions and talents in the classroom.

Commitment to Diversity

Newtowne is committed to providing a multi-cultural and multi-ethnic learning environment. We do not discriminate on the basis of race, ethnicity, religion, or family structure.

Excerpted from the preschool's website