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Agassiz Preschool Inc

1803 Massachusetts Ave.
Cambridge, MA 02140-1504

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Philosophy & Approach

Day in the Life

General School Mission

"Every preschool is different. There are many educational philosophies, many different approaches. To judge the quality of any one approach, a parent needs to know something about child development and what children are ready for at different ages.

Most experts agree that preschools should be about play. Play is how young children learn, how they develop coordination and physical skills, how they begin making friends and developing a sense of self, how they learn to use their imaginations. In these early years, music, movement, rhythms, and rhyming are also an important part of play.

Recent research findings suggest that gross motor and fine motor activities are especially important for preschoolers as these types of activities contribute significantly to brain growth and development, setting the stage for more abstract kinds of learning later on. In evaluating a preschool program, parents should make sure that there is plenty of physical activity
Excerpted from the preschool's website

A Typical Day

"8:30-9:00 : Kids arrive. Morning at Agassiz start with see-you later kisses from parents and hanging up of jackets. This is a relaxed time for free play. Paint, play with blocks, dolls, and trains, and climb into lofts to play with friends.

9:50 : All-school meeting to play games, sing songs, and meet the day's parent helpers. Children learn to participate in a group—listening while others speak and standing up to speak themselves.

10:15 At snack time everyone sits at long tables for conversation, a drink, and a parent-selected snack. On birthdays, we have cake and sing to our guest of honor. A bathroom break follows snack.

10:30 Unless it is raining or snowing hard, we spend the next hour or so outdoors in the play yard. We test new skills on the monkey bars, make sand cakes, and practice swinging.

11:10 Small group time is a chance to take part in a special project or activity—a story, dancing, or the making of muffins.

12:00 Part-time children are picked up.

12:20 It's time for lunch. This is a favorite social time. We often discuss what we did during the day, or what we might do next time.

1:00 After lunch there is rest time, a long story, maybe a soft song, and finally some snuggling down in a corner for a nap in the sun.

1:45 Some kids wake up! Time to go outside again.

2:30 Pick-up time. The napping stragglers awake. A chance for a quick chat with a teacher, see new artwork on the walls, and pick up messages in your mailbox. See you next time...

Excerpted from the preschool's website