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Academy of the Sacred Heart

4521 Saint Charles Avenue
New Orleans, LA 70115

(504) 891-1943


Philosophy & Approach

Day in the Life

General School Mission

"The Preschool program seeks to cultivate the innate sense of wonder of each child about themselves and their world. It seeks to develop an awareness that each child is special--a gift from God. A loving, Christian atmosphere, sensitive to individual child's abilities, potential and readiness, prevails throughout the Preschool. The curriculum emphasizes the joy of discovery, the development of creativity and simple problem solving. The primary aim is to enable each child to develop a positive self-concept, a positive attitude toward learning, and fundamental readiness skills.

The encouragement of creativity is a priority in the Preschool; thus, arts and crafts materials, dress-up clothes, manipulatives, puzzles, games, blocks, yard and other play equipment are provided for the children. Oral language is enhanced by storytelling, dramatic role playing and relating and recording of the child's personal experiences. Cooking, creative play and expression, and field trips are all included in the developmental program. Individual attention is afforded each child. The child's active participation in self-directed play and supervised activities with actual real life experiences facilitates motivated, meaningful learning in the early years. Learning centers where each child is free to explore individual interests, exercise initiative, and develop resourcefulness and responsibility provide the setting for individual and small group instruction. A child's continuing success in school is largely dependent upon proper placement in her earliest years. To ensure proper placement, each child's progress is carefully followed, and there is ongoing communication with parents.


The Schools of the Sacred Heart in the United States, members of a worldwide network, offer an education that is
marked by a distinctive spirit. It is the essence of a Sacred Heart school that it be deeply concerned for each
student’s total development: spiritual, intellectual, emotional, physical. It is the essence of a Sacred Heart school that
it lay the foundations of a strong faith, that it emphasize serious study, and that it educate to social responsibility.
The specific goals to which Sacred Heart school commit themselves are to educate to:
A personal and active faith in God
A deep respect for intellectual values
A social awareness which impels to action
The building of community as a Christian value
Personal growth in an atmosphere of wise freedom
The Academy operates as an independent school whose authority to govern itself is granted by the Society of the
Sacred Heart and invested in a Board of Trustees. The education it offers is described in the following statement of
Philosophy and Objectives. The Academy of the Sacred Heart is:
a Roman Catholic school which considers faith development integral to its total program, and gives priority
to the spiritual and moral growth of its students.
a college preparatory school with a strong academic program for prekindergarten through grade twelve. It is
committed to assist each student to recognize and to provide an opportunity to develop her intellectual gifts
as fully as possible.
a member of an international network of schools and includes in its education a serious effort to awaken in
students a sense of responsibility to build a world of justice, peace, and reverence.
a school where care and love of one another is a priority and where there is a genuine concern for the
personal growth of each person.
a "family school" in a city where family and tradition are highly valued. It fosters and celebrates
relationships marked by respect, affection and joy."
Excerpted from the preschool's website