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St Matthews Baptist Preschool

3515 Grandview Ave
Louisville, KY 40207-3799

(502) 896-8882


Philosophy & Approach

Day in the Life

General School Mission

"The goal of the St. Matthews Pastoral Counseling Center is to offer Christ-centered counseling, consultation, and education to those who seek it.
Life in our day is often filled with grief and pain, anguish and trouble, together with a great variety of scarred and broken covenants and relationships. Yet sometimes, even the noise of the world around us is overwhelmed by the raging storm within.
In these times, haunting memories of the past, the agonies of the present, and the fear of the unknown future drown out the still, small voice of God. The power and strength which still remain in us are paralyzed.
One of the primary biblical models guiding the work of the counseling staff is the New Testament image of compassion for all persons (Mark 6:34). For those whose personal lives, relationships, or covenants would benefit from a conversation with a competent pastoral person, the counselors of the St. Matthews Pastoral Counseling Center are here to guide them on a journey of changes, growth, and transformation in the context of Christian faith.
Excerpted from the preschool's website