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Silverlake Academy

301Kenton Lands Road
Erlanger, KY 41018

(859) 426-7777

Philosophy & Approach

Day in the Life

General School Mission

Drawing on the Center's strong history of delivering family based fitness products, Silverlake Academy offers such daily activities as a three story soft playground, rock climbing, swimming, gymnastics, basketball, an adgjacent outdoor park and other age appropriate activities. Unlike daycares, children will not be sedentary in one classroom throughout the day. Silverlake Academy focuses on course work in art, music, math, science, writing and reading.

At Silverlake Academy, our childcare programs are centered around the idea that chilodren learn best through play. Through our curriculum, we help children to develop the four main skills that will be the foundation of their healthy and happy development: social, emotional, cognitive and physical.

Silverlake Academy offers seperate programs for each age group, ensuring that your child receives the best care and learning expirience at all stages of his or her development.

A Typical Day

The day begins with a little free time in our Kid's Club area. This area has a library, computer games, legos, dress up, play kitchen and more. The children are in Kid's Club for about 30 minutes.

From their the children concentrate on academics ion the skills room and art room. There, the different ages work on letters, numbers, graphing, writing, days of the week and other parts of the curriculum that fit with the weekly theme. The children spend 45 minutes in each classroom.

Classroom work is followed by gross motor in the gymnastics area where the climb ladderts, jump down trampolines, swing from bars, balance on beams and learn rolls and body positions. They may also go to the gym to practice kicking, throwing or catching balls. They also play games like relay races and tag. The children have 20-30 minutes of gross motor before lunch.

After some exercise comes lunch. Our lunches are balanced with a fruit, vegetable, protien, grain and milk. Lunch is about 30 minutes.

After lunch we have another 15 to 20 minutes of gross motor in the Kid's Quest area. This is also where parents pick up. The Kid;s Quest is a three story soft playground with tunnels, slides and bouncing.

We also take special field trips to the park and to go swimming.