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All Around Child Center For Exploration And Development

9205 West 133rd Street
Overland Park, KS 66213

(913) 239-9798


Philosophy & Approach

Day in the Life

General School Mission

"Our goal at All Around Child is to guide children towards becoming "World Wise". World Wise children are holistically introduced to social, emotional, physical, and intellectual opportunities beginning at the infant level and continuing through the life span. Such opportunities are presented on a play-based, hands-on framework for learning where the child can explore and experiment: and where there is no right, wrong, or failure. Through play, our little explorers are building a constellation of skills and preparing for their adventurous futures.

On their Journey through our program, each classroom marks a new level of learning and exploration. From learning about animals, insects, marine life, meteorology, nature, geography, language, and culture to the introduction of fine arts such as music, movement, drama, and creative arts--each classroom is a landmark on your child's map towards success.

Our staff are highly trained and experienced guides and facilitators. The curriculum content they provide is based on their knowledge of child development and an anti-bias perspective. Each classroom uses its curriculum to approach culture from a universal perspective, yet each child is treated as a unique and different individual and provided with age and developmentally appropriate learning activities to suit his/her needs. Overall, our curriculum is a play-based adventure which is child initiated as well as individually appropriate.

Through the combination of various learning environments and the use of cooperative learning; Our little explorers can develop into stronger individuals through increased motivation, enthusiasm, and participation in both small as well as whole group learning experiences.

We believe in guiding children in a positive direction. Therefore, our guidance policies reflect the use of consistency and positive discipline. Where classroom / group management is concerned, it is the teacher's goal to keep children constructively involved in activities that are developmentally and age appropriate. Disciplinary issues are handled by guiding children toward appropriate behavior through setting appropriate and clear limits and providing choices. Redirection, labeling behavior, teaching conflict-resolutions skills, and using logical consequences are all methods used by our programs in order to encourage children to develop a sense of independence, responsibility, and respect for others.

The formation of a partnership between parents and teachers is an essential component of a child's successful journey through our program. Our parents and relatives are always welcome in our classrooms and are invited to participate in the multitude of school events. Parent education opportunities are also available at the center or within the community. Collaboration between our parents, staff, and the community is our utmost importance in order for a strong partnership to be developed. After all, it is our responsibility to both the parents and the community to keep the children in our care safe, and provide them with learning experiences that will help them grow into able young adults.

At All Around Child we assist in taking young imaginations around the world by participating in the adventure with them. Through this process we are able to develop a positive relationship with our students which will encourage them to feel more positive in their relationship with us.

Excerpted from the preschool's website