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Child Study Center Of Ball State University

2000 W. University Ave.
Muncie, IN 47306

(765) 289-1241


Philosophy & Approach

Day in the Life

General School Mission

"The Child Study Center (CSC), sponsored under the auspices of the Department of Family and Consumer Sciences, provides high quality observation, participatory and educational experiences for the university students by implementing best practices in a part-time childcare program. The Child Study Center is dedicated to providing a safe and enjoyable learning experience through developmentally appropriate activities for children. The CSC targets all aspects of a child's growth: social competence, positive self-esteem, physical development, and learning through a variety of engaging experiences. The environment is child-friendly, offering many opportunities for the child to explore and learn through discovery.
The Department of Family and Consumer Sciences' Child Study Center childcare provides infant/toddler and preschool laboratory experiences for students enrolled in Ball State University's development courses, along with practical experiences. The CSC also believes in continuing education for staff, families, and the community through monthly newsletters, pamphlets, CPR/First Aid training, one-on-one conferences, resource referrals to agencies and community workshops, and weekly staff training and curriculum meetings.
Excerpted from the preschool's website

A Typical Day

Opening activities: Our day begins with an extended period of free play that revolves around learning centers. Children choose to play in various areas. Each area is designed to be fun and to enhance small and large motor skills, cognitive skills, and social/emotional development.
Snacks: Light and nutritious snacks are served. Snack time provides a wonderful opportunity for children to develop social and self-help skills.
Circle time: Teachers introduce thematically-based songs, books, stories, fingerplays and other participatory activities in fun and age-appropriate ways to encourage pre-literacy skills.
Outdoor play: Children spend time daily (weather permitting) outside on our spacious and well-equipped playground. Not only is this an area where large motor development is encouraged, social and cognitive skills blossom when children play together outside.
In addition, teachers and college students add new activities each day that relate to the current themes. These involve dramatic play, science, circle time, gross motor activities, art and the discovery table
Arrival activities of indoor and outdoor play : While all children complete an art activity other activities of "exploration and learning " may occur in various - learning centers.
Story time : Thematically based songs, stories, finger plays, and/or nursery rhymes.
Snack time and teeth brushing : Light and nutritious snacks are served. Children obtain own food and beverages in a family-style manner. Self-help skills are promoted. Children clear own dishes, scrape own plates, and discard paper products. Children then wash hands and brush their teeth.
Free choice : While individual bathroom use is occurring, other children may participate in the various learning centers.
Clean up : All children are encouraged to pick up toys.
Gross motor game activities : Designed to enhance large muscle development, games and activities are non-waiting, win/win in which all children can be successfu"
Excerpted from the preschool's website