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St Vincent Depaul Catholic Church and School - Pre School

923 18th Street
Bedford, IN 47421

(812) 279-2540


Philosophy & Approach

Day in the Life

General School Mission

""The Church continues the mission of Jesus, prophet, priest, and servant king. Its mission, like His, is essentially one - to bring about God's kingdom." (Sharing the Light of Faith) The Catholic School is asked to make a generous effort to share in this awesome mission.
Preparing children to become self-disciplined, mature, thinking Christians with their ultimate goal in view, demands many things. Enthusiastic teachers who witness to Christ by their own lives, an up-to-date catechetical program, current and appealing materials, modern equipment, enjoyable experiences and opportunities for celebrating Holy Mass and the Sacraments in a meaningful way are essential. These, together with gradual unfolding of spiritual values and religious truths and principles and practice of social justice as an integral part of our school program will result in day-to-day living as witnesses to the faith received.
The staff of St. Vincent School, realizing that a Catholic education is its unique and distinctive goal, is endeavoring to prepare its students to understand and accept Christ's special message of love and service within the context of a faith community. Promoting within our walls a special atmosphere animated by the Gospel spirit of freedom and charity we consider of paramount importance.
Since true education aims at the formation of the whole person, the emotional, social, intellectual and spiritual needs are given proper emphasis. Strenuous efforts are made that every child is to be recognized and treated as an individual, unique in character. Differences in ability are to be channeled into activities suited to respective needs. Possibilities for creativity and personal initiative are encouraged and fostered. Leadership qualities are to be developed. In short, we at St. Vincent School strive to be student oriented and dutifully concerned with the continuous progress and evaluation of each child. Close communication with parents and a sharing of effort and a spirit of cooperation in the total education of their children grow daily more urgent and effective.
As Christian educators, we realize the necessity for self-dedication in the challenging profession of teaching. Equipped with educational skills, which reflect modern day findings, open to current trends and techniques and ready to continue our professional growth, we strive for increasing competency and excellence. While intent on developing basic skills in our students, we likewise aim to acquaint them with the cultural heritage of past generations, to help develop their personalities, their moral and intellectual endowments and to teach them their duty to their Creator, their neighbor and their country. Touched by the spirit of Vatican II we pledge ourselves to help our students realize they are children of God. As such they can contribute to the good of society by becoming responsible citizens and committed Christians as they mature into adulthood. Trustingly we face the challenge to continue to strive to be a truly Christian school with a sound, flexible, educational program that is sensitive to the immediate and future needs of its students"
Excerpted from the preschool's website

A Typical Day

"7:50 AM - First bell. Students to homeroom.
8:00 AM - Second bell. Classes begin.
10:00-10:20 AM - Recess Grades 1-3.
11:00 AM – Dismissal of AM Pre-School.
11:15 AM – Lunch for Pre-school, Kindergarten.
11:20 AM – Lunch for Grades 1-3.
11:30 AM – Recess for Grades 4-8.
11:50 AM – Recess for Grades K-3. Lunch for Grades 4-8
12:10 PM - Afternoon Pre-school classes begins.
2:30 PM – Dismissal of Pre-school, Kindergarten. "
Excerpted from the preschool's website