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Trinity Lutheran Childcare Preschool & Kindergarten

331 George Street
West Chicago, IL 60185

(630) 231-5849


Philosophy & Approach

Day in the Life

General School Mission

"The early childhood years are an important time of development for
children. Most of the potential for learning is established by the
age of six. During this time, children need a stimulating environment
in which they can build on their own knowledge, through many "hands
on" experiences and through their own style and pace of learning.
Many opportunities are provided for the children to explore and
manipulate a variety of materials.
lay is a very important part of an early childhood classroom.
Through play, children develop social skills, learning to handle their
emotions, and learning much about the world. Because play is a
child's work, considerable time will be spent work-playing.
he family is the most important and influential factor in a child's
life. That is why a child's first experience in school should be in a
warm, nurturing environment that is as much like a family as is
possible. Each child is treated with love and
respect and as a very special child of God. Each child's needs and
interests are kept in mind in the planning of curriculum and in daily
Excerpted from the preschool's website

A Typical Day

"FREE CHOICE OF INTEREST CENTERS - Each child can choose from a varietyof planned activities. The emphases are on problem solving, decisionmaking
and fine motor development. Many activities will center around
the weekly classroom theme.
GROUP TIME - This involves all of the children in a planned lesson.
It may include Jesus Time, and concept development
based on a theme, movement activities, music, stories, songs and
fingerplays. Teachers use a variety of methods to make the
lessons more interesting and understandable for the children.
Listening and speaking skills are emphasized at this time.
SNACK TIME - This is a time when the children can eat, drink, and
share conversation together. Self-help skills are strengthened as
children help prepare snacks and pour their own juice. Children are
encouraged to clean up after themselves when they are finished.
Snacks will be a variety of nutritious foods served with fruit juice
or milk.
LUNCH TIME - The childcare and kindergarten childcare children are
served family-style, balanced, hot lunches. The teachers and aides
sit with the children at the tables. The tables are set by the
children in advance as part of their learning experience. The food is
served in serving dishes so that each child has the opportunity to
choose each food and the portion size. Children are never forced to
eat, but they are encouraged to taste each food. Milk is served with
PLAY TIME - Children have daily opportunities to play both in and out
of doors. Social interaction and large muscle development are
stressed at this time.
OUTDOOR PLAY - Weather permitting we go outside every day. In the
event of rain or cold weather (ten degrees or below) we use the circle
time areas within the classroom for large motor activities. Mittens,
hats, boots and scarves are a must for cold weather. Boots large
enough for a child to manage will provide a sense of independence.
Please mark all clothing with your child's name.
We realize after a severe cold or illness it is advisable to keep
children inside for a few days. However, we do not have enough staff
to stay indoors with your child and adequately staff the playground.
Therefore, no child may stay indoors during outdoor play.
NAP/REST TIME - Childcare classes also include a quiet afternoon
nap/rest time on cots."
Excerpted from the preschool's website