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St Mary's School

147 Garden Street
West Chicago, IL 60185

(630) 231-1776


Philosophy & Approach

Day in the Life

General School Mission

"At St. Mary's Parish School we enter into a partnership with families in the formation of their elementary age children to build an academic and spiritual foundation and to teach Catholic Christian faith and values. As we like to say, St. Mary's Parish School is a place "Where Faith and Knowledge Flourish".

The philosophy at St. Mary's Parish School since its inception in 1922 has been that families will be welcomed and students will be given the opportunity to grow in their Catholic Christian values and faith. Self-worth and an ability to contribute positively in a global society will be nurtured by mastering the curriculum in a Christian supportive environment. In recognition of diverse learning styles, a variety of teaching techniques and strategies are incorporated to meet the needs of the learners. The commitment to prepare students as lifelong learners is a mission of cooperative efforts among the parents--the primary educators--the staff and the student.

The entire St. Mary’s Parish School family invites you to discover the truly rewarding world of a Catholic school education. We are continually reminded of the priceless gift of this education as we spend time with our students. We see bright, talented and curious young people. More importantly, we see the spirit of Jesus alive and at work in our children. In them, we see the promise for the future.

Our school parents value this difference. They have made a commitment to a Catholic education because they realize that St. Mary’s Parish School reinforces and builds upon the foundations they have laid for their children. They have seen the connection between this well-rounded, faith-based education and the adults they want their children to become.

This is borne out by the achievements of our past students. Our graduates have achieved personal and professional success. They are well-respected at local high schools; within the past six years alone, three of our graduates have gone on to become the valedictorian of their high school class. Our graduates are leaders in their communities; they make significant contributions to the world. Perhaps most notably, they are compassionate, caring, responsible individuals who work to better the lives of others.

Excerpted from the preschool's website