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Morningside Academy

1192 South Cuyler Avenue
Oak Park, IL 60304

(708) 386-3979


Philosophy & Approach

Day in the Life

General School Mission

"We believe that children learn best when they are in fun, stimulating, emotionally secure, and physically safe environment; where children feel free to make mistakes, to be unique individuals and self-agents. Towards that end, Morningside provides a rich environment including different learning areas, teaching styles as well as a diverse and ample curriculum. Children at Morningside are encouraged to: practice decision making, respect and value one another, find means of resolving conflicts and problems, and use everyday hands-on experiences to discover the important principles that govern their world.

Experiences for children include opportunities with age appropriate, thematic curriculum that promotes divergent and creative thinking. The curriculum includes activities designed to augment:

Gross and Fine Motor Development/Physical Coordination
Language Arts
Art & Music
Math Concepts, Numbers & Counting
Reading and Writing Readiness
In addition to the learning centers typically found in a Montessori environment---sensorial, practical life, mathematics, social sciences, geography---our classes offer the learning centers typically found in a high quality pre-school---dramatic play area, sand and water, art table, block area etc.
Excerpted from the preschool's website