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Calvary United Methodist Church - Nursery School

1700 North Towanda Avenue
Normal, IL 61761

(309) 452-5413


Philosophy & Approach

School Philosophy

General Approach to Learning: Play-Based

Day in the Life

General School Mission

"We believe that preschool children learn best through "hands-on" learning experience, that children differ in their developmental levels, styles of learning, and rates of learning, and that the natural wonder and curiosity of children should be encouraged and supported by the curriculum and classroom environment.
In striving to help each individual child develop to his or her full potential, the Preschool Board and staff have developed curriculum that:
Has a balance of independent and cooperative activities, active and quiet play, self-directed and teacher planned activities, indoor and outdoor play, large group and small group activities, large motor and fine motor activities.
Considers the intellectual, social, emotional and physical development of the children.
Encourages independent decision-making, problem solving and creativity of the children.
Provides the children with as many different sensory experiences as possible.
Is non-biased in terms of race, culture, gender, age, abilities and socioeconomic background.
Encourages parent involvement.
Keeps portfolios of observations, anecdotal records and examples of work projects to assess the children's development. These are shared with families at parent/teacher conferences. "

A Typical Day

"Upon arrival of all the children, the class session begins with a group time.
During the group time, a story is read and then a discussion about the day's activities takes place. Teacher-developed learning activities are also available as choices. The children are encouraged to participate in the teacher-developed activities sometime during the session. The activities may be in the area of art, nature observation, or a visit from a community helper. The children also have the opportunity to participate in music and movement activities.
Here at CUMC Preschool the children have open snack and quiet activities time. The class session concludes with gross motor activities either indoor or outside depending on weather.