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Hobson Cooperative Nursery

25 W 463 Hobson Road
Naperville, IL 60540-8116

(630) 420-8220


Philosophy & Approach

Day in the Life

General School Mission

"Hobson differs from other nursery schools in its manner of educating young children and provides the opportunity for parents to share in this time of growth and development. Hobson seeks to enhance the efforts of a good home in promoting growth and happiness in children.
We believe that an important part of preschool is to provide an experience-based environment where children have opportunities to challenge their imaginations, sharpen their senses, and broaden their understanding. At our school children participate in free play with other children and in adult-guided activities.
Young children learn by DOING. They observe, touch, listen, smell and taste. They explore their world, discover new information and organize it in many ways that are meaningful to them. Through this active learning process young children learn about the physical world as well as about themselves in relation to other children and new adults. Our philosophy is based on current research in child development and early childhood education.
In a co-op, parents and staff have a mutual responsibility to support each other for the ultimate benefit of the children involved. The staff that receives support from parents in the form of a fiscally responsible; smoothly administered school can concentrate its energies on a quality educational program. Parents in a co-op receive support through the staff’s communication of professional child development knowledge, their guidance of parents in the classroom, and the teacher and director’s genuine interest in each child and family’s experience at Hobson. Because parents and staff work for and with each other, the children receive what Hobson has always meant – the best possible nursery school experience available. Hobson is a preschool AND a community for families!
Excerpted from the preschool's website