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The Children's House

16601 Kedzie Avenue
Markham, IL 60428

(708) 339-5437


Philosophy & Approach

Day in the Life

General School Mission

"The Children's House believes that children learn from personal interaction, hands on experiences with real objects and the application of logical thinking to their experiences.

At The Children's House we strive to offer the highest quality programs. The Children's House provides a nurturing, stimulating environment in which your child is encouraged to learn through play.

Our staff is trained to accept your child's curiosity as his or her own greatest resource for learning. In addition, our philosophy provides for the recognition of inappropriate behavior and the ability for all students to "self-correct" as opposed to the traditional time-out or redirection process. It is our goal to offer an exceptionally well rounded educational program that provides your child with opportunities to achieve socially, intellectually, physically, psychologically, as well as emotionally.

While we can never replace parents/guardians, it is our philosophy to provide an environment that is exemplary of "The Children's House Away From Home."

The TCH Early Education Experience allows children to work within an environment, which possess qualities of home as well as that of a child care center.

With active learning in mind we have set up an atmosphere that is conducive to learning. Teachers utilize their skills as educators by researching subjects and incorporating realness in order to bring subjects alive in the classroom and to spark children's interest.
Excerpted from the preschool's website

A Typical Day

"Circle Time: All children together in a group singing songs, talking about the day of the week, weather, participating in activities that utilize both their cognitive skills and motor skills.
Planning Time: Children in a group planning in a creative manner (initiated by the teacher) what areas they want to work in during activity time.

Activity Time: A time when children have the opportunity to work in all of the interest areas in their classrooms. During this time teachers walk around the class and engage in activities with the children.

Small Group Time: An experience planned by the teacher with a purpose and/or goal for learning. It has a beginning, middle, and an end that is initiated by the teacher. Children participate in the activities in small groups.

Reflective Time: Children sit in a group lead by the teacher and tell what they did during activity time.

Self-Correction: The child will be able to change the inappropriate behavior without the use of time out or redirection after a discussion with a responsible adult about the undesirable behavior takes place.
Excerpted from the preschool's website