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Philosophy & Approach

Day in the Life

A Typical Day

"Turning Three Program
AM Class Activity PM Class
8:30 Greeting 10:30
8:35 Free Play, Art Project 10:35
9:15 Clean Up, Snack Time 11:15
9:35 Circle Time, Music, Stories 11:35
9:45 Outdoor or Basement Play 11:45
10:00 Goodbye 12:00
Three Year Old Program
AM Class Activity PM Class
9:00 Greeting Circle 12:30
9:10 Free Play, Art Project 12:40
10:15 Clean Up 1:45
10:25 Snack Time 1:55
10:35 Circle Time, Music, Stories 2:05
10:50 Outdoor or Basement Play 2:20
11:15 Goodbye 2:45
Four Year Old Program
AM Class Activity PM Class
9:00 Greeting Circle 12:30
9:10 Outdoor or Basement Play 12:40
9:30 Learning Circle 1:00
9:50 Snack Time 1:20
10:00 Library Time, Music, Stories 1:30
10:15 Free Play, Art Project 1:45
11:00 Clean Up 2:30
11:05 Review of Day's Events 2:35
11:15 Goodbye 2:45
A Cheerful Welcome
The day begins on a loving note as the children exit their cars and are cheerfully greeted by the school's Director. Upon entering the classroom, your child is again warmly greeted by his or her teacher and friends.
Let's Play Outdoors
Weather permitting; the children play outdoors for 10 to 20 minutes each day on the playground. If the children stay in due to weather, they enjoy our colorful indoor gym instead. Through climbing, running, jumping, riding, large block building, ball play, and sandbox play, the children develop their large motor and role playing skills.
Come Join our Circle: Oral Expression and Music
The communications between the children and teachers during Circle Time are invaluable for providing interactions which help your child develop an understanding of the world around them. Activities including finger-plays, quiet group games and stories provide opportunities for listening, language appreciation and oral expression. Music is an important part of Circle Time allowing for singing, clapping, marching and jumping.
Snacks, Conversation and Story Time: Encouraging Social Skills
A snack is served each day. Snack Time provides an opportunity for each child to develop their conversation skills and good manners. Teachers sit at the table with the children during Snack Time to facilitate positive conversations. After Snack Time, the children gather together on the rug to enjoy a story.
Free Play: A Time to Develop a Child's Love of Learning
During Free Play, the children can explore the school environment by independently choosing and actively participating in many different activities. The children investigate and experiment through developmentally appropriate play and build valuable social skills, a love of learning and healthy self-esteem.
Art: Experimentation and Creative Expression
A wide variety of art projects are offered to your child daily during Free Play.
Manipulative Materials and Sensory Bins: Conceptual Learning
Blocks, tiles, peg-boards, color cubes, colored rice, popcorn, flour bins and more provide opportunities to learn different concepts such as sorting, matching, weighing, categorizing, counting, and measuring.
It's Clean up Time: Following Directions and Accepting Responsibility
Everyone is lovingly encouraged to help with clean-up. St. David's fosters development of self-help skills and cooperation.
A Loving Good-Bye
The time passes much too quickly for the children and the teachers. The children gather together and receive a warm good-bye at the end of each day.
Excerpted from the preschool's website