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Galesburg Christian School

1881 E Fremont St
Galesburg, IL 61401-3105

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Philosophy & Approach

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General School Mission

"The following statement conveys what we believe education to be:
Since humankind’s chief and highest end is to glorify God, the highest possible achievement for any child is to understand and obey God’s plan and purpose. The Bible, the inerrant Word of God, directs parents to prepare their children to live godly lives. We believe that school is an institution that provides assistance to parents in fulfilling this responsibility, thereby supplementing and complementing the training that the child receives at home.
We believe that together home, school, church and other aspects of a child’s experience educate the whole child in his preparation for adulthood. Since a child cannot be separated into isolated components, his school experience must address each of the interrelated components in educating a child. These components include:
§ Spiritual - A child’s relationship with the personal triune God of the Bible, the understanding of the nature of God, and an understanding of the spiritual nature of this world and humankind.
§ Intellectual - The God-given attributes of a child that enable children to master foundational academic tasks (e.g., reading, mathematics, spelling, language, writing, etc.).
§ Social - Interaction with others, both adults and children, in groups and on an individual level.
§ Emotional - The part of the child that identifies, understands, and deals with his emotional state and self-esteem.
§ Physical - Mastering gross motor and fine motor skills in the framework of the child’s ever changing body.
Therefore, each student not only has individual strengths and weaknesses, but also exhibits change and growth in each of the above areas. This type of focus allows the staff to view each student as an individual with different likes and dislikes, different needs and levels of growth in order to maximize their gifts and strengths. This also provides a way to augment each student’s experience at school.

We desire the Lord’s guidance for all that will be done to fulfill our responsibility to educate children. We acknowledge that God has planned individually for each child and that His plan has allowed adults, parents, and teachers the privilege of serving Him in the raising of children.

Galesburg Christian School is dedicated to giving students a strong academic education in the context of a Christian world-view. In addition to a strong academic background, GCS offers courses and activities to develop a strong Christian world-view that prepares students to live in a non-Christian world. Other courses and activities are offered to strengthen the basic skills needed later in life.

Excerpted from the preschool's website