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Koala Kids Academy

1460 Pederson St
Idaho Falls, ID 83402-4601

(208) 552-9488


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Philosophy & Approach

Day in the Life

General School Mission

"The Koala Kids Academy is dedicated to providing high quality childcare that offers a well balanced, fun and diverse learning atmosphere that will help each child develop their own creativity in a safe, loving environment.
1. To develop a child's ability to make decisions about his/her environment.
2. To develop a child's self-discipline and ability to identify personal goals, and to pursue and complete self-chosen tasks.
3. To develop a child's ability to work with other children and adults in a cooperative effort with shared leadership.
4. To develop a child's ability to use a variety of skills in the arts, physical movement, social interaction, and knowledge of objects as a base for educational concepts.
5. To develop a child's ability to express himself/herself and to communicate his/her experiences to others.
6. To develop a child's ability to explore a wide range of naturally occurring situations through a variety of materials.
7. To develop creativity and self-starting skills.
It will be the responsibility of all Academy Staff to thoughtfully and conscientiously plan daily exercises, opportunities, and activities that meet the developmental needs of the children enrolled at the Koala Kids Academy "
Excerpted from the preschool's website