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Iccsd Preschool Program At Hills Elementary School

301 Main Street
Hills, IA 52235

(319) 688-1105


Philosophy & Approach

Day in the Life

General School Mission

"The use of Developmentally Appropriate Practices in our program is key to enabling our children to become successful lifelong learners and members of society. In our early childhood setting, we strive to provide activities which are both age appropriate and individually appropriate. We understand and keep in mind the typical sequence of development of children within an age span as we plan our environment and activities for our children. We also understand and keep in mind the individual uniqueness of each child as we plan experiences which match each child's developing abilities. The environment is designed to allow for participation by each child at his/her own individual developmental level. The staff act as facilitators in fostering each child's learning."
Excerpted from the preschool's website