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Redemption Academy

361 North Kainalu Drive
Kailua, HI 96734

(808) 266-2341


Philosophy & Approach

Day in the Life

General School Mission

"Redemption Academy includes programs for three-year-old preschool through college-prep high school.
Some of the educational goals of the curriculum and program of the school include the following:
Our students will develop a Biblical and Christian worldview. Our students will understand, learn, and respect other worldviews and mindsets.
Our students will develop Christian character based upon a high regard for the principles of the Christian lifestyle as taught in the Holy Scriptures. Our students will also learn to appreciate and respect cultural diversity and multiculturalism, which exist throughout the world.
Our students will develop proficiency and mastery of skills in academic disciplines. We recognize the knowledge and the learning processes are essential to the development of our students’ academic proficiencies. We also recognize that our students need to appreciate and operate knowledge and information for functional purposes as part of their practicality of each application.
Our students develop a responsibility for citizenship and the law. We want our students to respect the rights, feelings, opinions. And properties of others and to be able to dialogue and articulate the diversity of opinions on issues so that intelligent processes include clean, adequate, and essential information and data.
Our students learn how to process information, ascertain facts, appreciate diversity of views and perspectives, and make intelligent conclusions where necessary so as to be able to live within society as productive and critical thinkers.
Our students develop healthy social skills, which allow for adequate socialization in our community and society. We believe that our students are able to recognize social, emotional, and psychological issues, which may affect positively or negatively their relationships with others, including their own families and social peers.
Our students realize the importance of a spiritual journey, beginning with a clear relationship with Jesus Christ as Savior and living by healthy principles and core values that encourage physical, spiritual, psychological, and mental heath.
Excerpted from the preschool's website