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Kamehameha Preschool- Nu'uanu

45 North Judd Street
Honolulu, HI 96817

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Philosophy & Approach

Day in the Life

General School Mission

"The belief statements of the Philosophy of Education that follow are inspired by the example of Ke Ali'i Pauahi and are based on sound educational principles. In a fashion similar to what the ‘Olelo No'eau above suggests, the philosophy provides the foundation upon which Kamehameha Schools builds its educational practices as we implement the Strategic Plan.

We believe that Kamehameha Schools as a Hawaiian institution and its learners1 have a responsibility to practice and perpetuate ÿIke Hawaiÿi as a source of strength and resilience for the future.
Therefore, Kamehameha Schools will:
Foster pride in the Hawaiian culture, language, history and traditions that serves as its foundation.
Integrate ‘Ike Hawai'i into its educational programs and services.
Provide the necessary learning opportunities, resources and training to deepen the understanding of ‘Ike Hawai'i.
Strengthen the relationship and the responsibility of its learners to the ÿäina, its resources and traditions.

We believe that every learner possesses a unique combination of talents, abilities, interests and needs and that each is able to achieve higher levels of excellence.
acknowledge the uniqueness of each learner.
assist each learner in achieving core understandings and skills.
offer enrichment opportunities to encourage each learner to develop individual talents and interests.
strive to be available and affordable to encourage broad participation of the learning community.

We believe that the earliest years of a child's life are the most critical to development and set the stage for future learning.
Therefore, Kamehameha Schools will assist by providing early childhood educational services that support families2 as the primary educators of their children.

We believe that positive and nurturing relationships are an essential foundation of learning.
Therefore, all members of the Kamehameha community that includes learners, staff, families and alumni are role models and will demonstrate attitudes and behaviors consistent with Hawaiian and Christian values.
all will develop and support positive connections and interactions with learners.

We believe that all learners create meaning by building on prior knowledge, actively using their learning in personally relevant ways and contributing positively to the global community.
support the learning process through a diverse and integrated curriculum and a range of services that are enhanced by the use of relevant technologies, real-life connections, and authentic experiences.
encourage learners to use their learning in service to their 'ohana, the community and the world.
We believe that the quality of instruction is enhanced by collaboration, professional developmentand the application of research based practices.
provide time and resources for professional development and collaboration.
support and engage in research and evaluation activities to improve the quality and effectiveness of education.
extend professional development opportunities to its learning communities.
each member of the learning community will commit to ongoing professional development and collaboration to optimize learner success.

We believe that education is enhanced by involvement of the learner and all members of the learner's community.
provide opportunities for learners to share in and assume greater responsibility for their own development.
promote the active involvement of families.
encourage open communication and seek input from those impacted.
We believe that the effectiveness of our institution in meeting its mission is enhanced by collaboration and partnerships.
recognize and encourage the good works of other programs and institutions.
contribute to building a network of services to meet the life-long educational needs of Hawaiians.
Excerpted from the preschool's website