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Philosophy & Approach

School Philosophy

General Approach to Learning: Play-Based

From the Director:

Our unique curriculum sets Kids â??Râ?? Kids Schools apart from other centers and early childcare educators. Our full-time Curriculum Department at Kids â??Râ?? Kids Corporate Headquarters boasts over 150 years experience in classroom instruction, administrative assignments, and curriculum development. This impressive roster of educational credentials, oversees every aspect of designing the most effective learning program possible. For a truly tailored approach to early childhood education, these highly qualified educators are always expanding our curriculum, which is unique and exclusive to Kids â??Râ?? Kids Schools of Quality Learning. As demonstrated by the renowned psychologist, Jean Piaget, children learn best through play, so weâ??ve developed hands-on learning experiences for all levels of learners. Our curriculum meets the standards for NAEYC, the National Association for the Education of Young Children, while remaining fun and flexible for every child. Educational Excellence at Every Age As your child continues to grow, our curriculum grows with them. At every stage of your childâ??s journey, Kids â??Râ?? Kids develops new and challenging ways to open their mind and expand their imagination. Our foundation of love and trust is accompanied every step of the way by our teachers, parents and your child's peers. Throughout each age group, your child will discover the joy and excitement of learning science, math, language, literature, drama, music and art. The Kids â??Râ?? Kids Curriculum presents a variety of educational exercises and theme-based units for every age group. Children are grouped into developmentally appropriate classrooms: Kids â??Râ?? Kids Infant-Toddler Curriculum - Six weeks through 24 Months - The youngest learners at Kids â??Râ?? Kids are well on their way to a lifetime of learning with our Infant-Toddler Program. Infants, as young as six weeks old, are immersed with stimulating, hands-on play. Each activity is designed to assist your child in achieving those important developmental milestones, while having fun at the same time. Our Kids â??Râ?? Kids environment is a safe place filled with love, growth, and discovery. Kids â??Râ?? Kids Preschool Curriculum - 2 through 5 year olds - The daily adventures continue into preschool, and with them come the stepping stones for a lifetime of learning. Our goal is to help equip your child for the challenges ahead. Supporting each child during this time in her life helps to instill a sense of confidence and accomplishment while basking in her daily successes. Kids â??Râ?? Kids School Age Program - 5 through 12 year olds - Our School Age Program is challenging and fun, a combination we are very proud to share. Your childâ??s day is filled with age-appropriate activities geared to challenge the pre-adolescent mind while building confidence and security. Our child-directed activities allow individuals and small groups to work independently while the staff encourages and monitors their progress.

Quality of Teaching

Individualized Teaching: From the Director

Each child is given 1:1 attention several times a day throughout the day. Where we find them struggling, the teacher will allocated more time for that.

Day in the Life

General School Mission

Love, Learning, and Laughter

Kids â??Râ?? Kids offers a variety of unique features and many advantages that set us apart as an industry leader.

Our facilities are individually owned and operated. With active, involved owners, the highest standards are proudly upheld in each facility and program. Owners are on-site to ensure availability to staff and parents. Most of our owners are parents and grandparents - their children are having a great time growing up in the family business.

Our exclusive curriculum sets Kids â??Râ?? Kids Schools of Quality Learning apart from other centers and early childcare educators. Our full-time Kids â??Râ?? Kids Curriculum Department is always expanding the curriculum, for a truly tailored approach to the early childhood industry.

Your childâ??s safety and security is important to us. Our facilities have the highest safety precautions, including features such as security cameras, staffed front desks, telephones in every room, and a coded, secure entrance.

Our program values are exceptional. We strive to remain affordable, while maintaining the highest standards in early childhood education, curriculum programming, and state-of-the-art facilities.

We offer a kid-sized cafeteria where nutritious meals are served daily. Our full-service kitchen and certified food service staff prepares USDA approved meals in a sanitary environment away from classrooms.

Our classrooms feature tempered glass walls for maximum visibility and safety. This promotes an open, bright atmosphere, as well as a clean environment. Developmental transitions to the next classroom are smoother when a child is able to see where he will be moving and of course where he has been.

Internet access is always available for parents and grandparents to become involved in their childâ??s daily activities at school by viewing a password secured site.

We have a large activity room for school-aged children. It is designed to promote a healthy lifestyle along with a positive approach to help diffuse the built-up energy with which we are most familiar.

Infant, child and adult certification in CPR and First Aid is mandatory for our entire staff.

All of our facilities have a similar look and layout, therefore, families relocating have a familiar place for their childcare and school age needs in their new community.

Kids â??Râ?? Kids is dedicated to maintaining a loving, happy, friendly environment. We understand that love is the most important key to any childâ??s growth.

A Typical Day

Early Learners (3/4 Year Room)

Start Time Activity Examples
8:00 a.m Music and Movement
(Instructor Lead/ Group) â?¢ Group Exercise / Music
â?¢ (Outside weather permitting)
8:45 a.m Daily Enrichment
(Instructor Lead/ Group) â?¢ Pledge of Allegiance
â?¢ â??Star Spangled Bannerâ??
â?¢ Day of the Week
â?¢ Value Word of the Week
â?¢ Letter/Number/Color of the Week
â?¢ Review Classroom Rules/Manners/ Sharing
9:15 a.m Morning Snack & Cleanup â?¢ Wash Hands
â?¢ Snack w/ Juice
9:30 a.m Writing Practice (Instructor Lead/Group) â?¢ Writing
â?¢ Following Directions
10:00 a.m Outside Play Time (Group) â?¢ Playground
â?¢ Organized Games
â?¢ Free Play
10:30 a.m Art Expressions (Individual) â?¢ Painting / Coloring
â?¢ Cutting / Drawing
â?¢ Crafts
11:00 a.m Lunch & Cleanup â?¢ Wash Hands
� Lunch in Café
11:30 a.m Reading (Instructor Lead/ Group) â?¢ Group Reading w/ Q&A
12:00 p.m Rest Time / Quiet Time â?¢ Nap or Quiet Time on Mat
2:00 p.m Cleanup & Afternoon Snack â?¢ Wash Hands, Restroom
â?¢ Snack
2:30 p.m Free Centers/ (Individual) â?¢ Block Area, Homemaking, Art, Reading, Dramatic Play or table top
3:00 p.m Outside Play Time (Group) â?¢ Playground
â?¢ Organized Games
â?¢ Free Play
3:30 p.m Math(Instructor Lead/Group) â?¢ Counting/ Sorting
â?¢ Sorting / Grouping
â?¢ Basic Math, Flash Cards, Memory Games
4:00 p.m Circle Times (Group) â?¢ Talk about the Day
â?¢ Show and Tell
4:30 p.m Free Centers/ (Individual) â?¢ Block Area, Homemaking, Art, Reading, Dramatic Play or table top
4:45 p.m Listening & Talking Experience â?¢ Reading
â?¢ Speaking individually to group
â?¢ Thanks for another great day
5:00 p.m Table Time Activities (Individual) â?¢ Puzzles / Sorting / Grouping / Pattern Recognition
â?¢ Flashcards / Memory Skills
â?¢ Play dough
â?¢ Reading
5:30 p.m Small Group Time â?¢ Interactive question and answer
â?¢ Good Bye

Home-School Connection

Home-School Connection: From the Director

Our school is operated by owners. This means that we take very a lot of interest in our school. We walk through the classrooms hourly to make sure all lessons and schedules are being followed.

All notices are posted on the log in computer and the front door. We will all remind you when we see you if it is something urgent.

Any concerns with your childs development or care should be discussed with the teacher first and inform the front desk. This way we are all in formed and we can follow up with the teachers on the concerns.

We enjoy doing this and we have a great team of teachers as well as one of the nicest, cleanest schools in the area.

We welcome the opportunity to serve your family.


Separation is Handled through:

  • Pre-entry meetings with parents at school
  • Small group sessions

Handling Separation: From the Director

Owners step in to help when we have this situations. This is very common and we deal with it all the time. It usually takes 1-2 weeks for the children to get in the routine. In most cases, after the first 30 minutes or so the child get engrossed in the learning activities and are fine.