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Kids R Kids #10

1250 Old Tucker Road
Lilburn, GA 30087

(770) 279-7700


Philosophy & Approach

School Philosophy

General Approach to Learning: Play-Based

Day in the Life

General School Mission

Hugged First then Taught.
Creative Curriculum

Owner Operated

A Typical Day

It another great day at Kids R Kids. We will start off the day with breakfast. Hey there comes my teacher. It that time. We'll get settled in our class and start with music and movement. This will be followed up by circle time with the Pledge and a discussion of the topic of the week, the word of the week, letter of the week, animal of the week and number of the week.

Lets take a quick break for a snack and a restroom break. Next it will be to the table, I'll find my labeled spot. After our regular writing practice, teacher can I work on my favorite puzzle.

Well time is going so fast, it time to go outside. It will be cool, so I will put on my jacket. Had a great time, running around and riding the tricycles. Let come in, wash up and get ready for lunch in the Cafe. Next it will be reading time followed by a short nap.

Teacher, when I get up after nap, and a quick snack, can I go to the blocks area first during free centers. I like to build thing. Next I will go to the dramatic play and house area. It is so much fun to dress up like daddy.

The day is so great, we will be able to go outside once again. Come in wash up, and start to review all we did and learned today.

Next, I will say good bye until tomorrow when I return for another great day at Kids R Kids.