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First Baptist Church of Dallas Kindergarten

401 Main Street
Dallas, GA 30132

(770) 445-0544


Philosophy & Approach

Day in the Life

General School Mission

"First Baptist Dallas - Preschool Ministries demonstrates a philosophy of Early Childhood Christian Education that above all is built upon the strong foundation of Jesus Christ and His Word. As a preschool, we are committed to nurture and support the growth of preschoolers physically, intellectually, emotionally, socially and spiritually.
Physically :
Our preschool environment provides a controlled-access security system, as well as safety within and out of the classroom. Large rooms and an outdoor playground provide activity space appropriate for gross motor skill development and active learning.
Intellectually :
Because 90% of a child's learning is established during the first five (5) years of life, our Christian curriculum provides hands-on learning experiences and activities for preschoolers beginning at birth - Kindergarten ages. Our focus is process-oriented, not product-oriented. Children learn foundational skills to support a lifetime of learning.
Emotionally :
Our classrooms provide emotional stability by providing consistent, loving teachers in all classes, consistent routines within the context of the classroom, and the encouragement of strong parental involvement resulting in the partnership of home and church.
Socially :
We believe preschoolers learn through play. Learning activities are provided to develop and nurture the interaction of each preschooler with his teacher and friends.
Spiritually :
We believe spiritual foundations are being formed during the preschool years that will provide a basis from which children will draw in later childhood and throughout life. Preschoolers are taught that Jesus loves me, and Jesus is my friend. Bible stories and biblical truths are a primary part of the curriculum we teach. It is upon this foundation of Truth we pray our preschoolers will later pattern their lives.

Excerpted from the preschool's website