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Kids 'R' Kids Learning Academy of Conyers

3710 Highway 20 Southeast
Conyers, GA 30013

(770) 929-3355


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As our names suggests, we are a high-quality preschool, serving infants, toddlers, twos, and preschool children. We also have a before and after school program for school age children. We know you have a high expectation when it comes to the care of your child and we do, too! Our sincere love for children and strong belief that they should have a solid foundation, in combination with Kids `R` Kids, the absolute leader in its industry, make the perfect choice for your family`s childcare needs.



Overall Rating

Parents at this school, on average, believe that conflicts between children:

Are handled extraordinarily well in a way that not only gives me confidence in the safety of my child but also reassures me that my child (and his/her peers) are learning the early skills needed to socialize effectively with one another


Parent Ratings

  • Overall Rating
  • Temperature and overall air circulation is comfortable
  • Healthy and nutritious snacks are provided
  • Toys and furniture are cleaned regularly


Parent Ratings

  • Overall Rating
  • Screen and identify all visitors
  • Parents may not bring sick children to school where they may infect others

Features & Staff

School Features

Extended day


Parent Ratings

  • Overall Rating
  • Building, bathrooms, hallway
  • Classroom equipment and furniture
  • Outside play equipment

Facilities Includes:

Playgrounds More

More Information

  • Slides
  • Swings
  • Playhouses
  • Large construction blocks/climbing structures
  • Tricycles
  • Wagons
  • Climbing structures
  • No playground


General School Comments: From the Parents

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  • Parent # 1

    The staff is exceptionally warm and loving. Hugs are given freely and often. They clean and sterilize toys etc.. all day! But all babies seem to be congested at some point in any day care. Daily reports re: meals eaten ( or not!) hrs of sleep,poopy diapers, 'boo boo' & 'sunshine' reports keep you fully informed. Security door code and staff monitors entrance full time. Initially with my 3 year old when she first started at 18 months I logged on to their secure live camera feed from work to see her from my computer.. but after a while I knew she was safe and happy, so with my 1 year old now I log on just for fun to see what he is up to. She's now fully potty trained at 3 and loves "tumble bus Mondays" and their "water park" in the summer months. Although there is a LOT of reading to them and circle time, my only concern now is I feel she should be challenged a little more with academics... i.e. vowel sounds, phonics and beginning to write/trace letters, and spanish. Class size may be too big for this. I do not want to wait until pre-k so I''ll continue to teach from home, but I may switch just until she's ready for their pre-k.. as at another private school in area 3 year olds are writing and beginning to read. Great school!! Awesome staff!!

    over a year ago