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The Parke House Academy

1776 Minnesota Avenue
Winter Park, FL 32789

(407) 647-3359


Philosophy & Approach

Day in the Life

General School Mission

"The Parke House Academy highly values the structured learning approach. We boost high levels of student's achievement by providing a curriculum that exhibits elevated academic standards grounded in a strong foundation of reading, writing, and mathematics. Children's stages of growth and development are considered when planning our integrated learning programs. Application to real world problems is consistent throughout our themes and units of study. Our curriculum has been developed based on extensive past and present research about how children learn, resulting in a balanced program of instruction presented at an accelerated pace. It is our belief that the quality and character of a school's curriculum are essential to the eventual realization of a child's capacity of learning. The environment at the Park House Academy is conductive to effective teaching and learning due to our low student teacher ratios, dedicated teachers, and very progressive curriculum.

Our powerful academic program is designed to instruct the student on an individual basis by monitoring and evaluating daily performance. The success of implementing our individualized curriculum relies heavily on the professional support of directors, teachers, research data, and continuous staff development. The cooperation relationship that emerges between the teacher and student remains the key factor to success.

Our vision includes the preparation and continual assessment of a well-balanced academic program with both competitive and cooperative learning experience anchored throughout the curriculum to simultaneously promote healthy social and cognitive development. Our accomplished teaching staff recognizes the relevance of how and when to structure student learning goals competitively and individually. The use of this fundamental knowledge not only creates a balanced curriculum, but one that is both diagnostic and prescriptive in nature.

Ultimately, the Parke House Academy is committed to providing your child with a secure, loving, and academically challenging environment. We recognized that no two children are alike. However, they all need love, understanding, and a big heart…Welcome to The Parke House Academy, where education excellence begins!"
Excerpted from the preschool's website