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Sweetwater Episcopal Academy

251 East Lake Brantley Drive
Winter Park, FL 32789

(407) 862-1882


Philosophy & Approach

Day in the Life

General School Mission

"We strive to make Sweetwater Episcopal Academy -" a kind zone" - A learning and loving environment where along with the 3R's, we teach respect and responsibility.
Sweetwater Episcopal Academy is a Christian school, which teaches respect and acceptance of religious and cultural diversity in our community.
We encourage our students to achieve excellence in both scholarship and character.
Sweetwater Episcopal Academy seeks to build a caring community of responsible citizens.
We encourage all students to develop self-discipline, integrity, compassion, good manners, and friendship in their work and activities.
It is our objective to fulfill the intellectual, physical, social, and emotional potential of every child by instilling a sense of worth that comes with purpose, direction, commitment, and success.
We believe it our responsibility to provide a positive learning environment in which all feel physically and emotionally secure.
We provide a challenging school environment that allows students to meet their potential.
We strive to teach children to think and solve problems, to write and speak effectively, to learn and to work cooperatively with others.
We believe that an effective and excellent education for youth is the best investment in the future.
It is our common goal to use a positive approach to educate the whole child.
Our teachers accept responsibility as role models and give, as well as receive, respect. We believe in encouraging respect for self, teachers, and others. We seek to lead by example.
We are positive in our attitudes and behaviors in order to encourage all children and staff members to reach for high levels of accomplishment.
We believe that hands-on, inquiry -based instruction is a successful teaching strategy, and that explorations, dialogue, and discussion promote understanding of concepts.
We believe in setting high standards of appropriate behaviors, which guarantee students an education free of infringement by others.
We encourage viewing mistakes as learning opportunities and recognize improvements and growth as a process while continuing to maintain high expectations.
Parents are our partners in this mission, and it is our goal to cooperate and communicate with them, welcoming their involvement in their child's education.
If a student seriously interferes with the school's accomplishment of its educational mission and philosophy, Sweetwater Episcopal Academy reserves the right to terminate or not to renew a student's contract.
Excerpted from the preschool's website