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Hebrew Academy Of Palm Beach

240 Cocoanut Row
West Palm Beach, FL 33480

(561) 838-4222


Philosophy & Approach

Day in the Life

General School Mission

"The Hebrew Academy of Palm Beach provides a stimulating academic environment that enables our students to develop their innate curiosity, creativity, and eagerness for learning. When children experience the thrill of exploration, the exhilaration of active play, and the confidence and security of a supportive teacher and peer group, they discover that fun and learning are synonymous.
The Hebrew Academy views each child as a unique and precious gift entrusted to its care. Our teachers take delight in each student, appreciating the magnificent world that is contained within each child. This awareness governs the interaction between the staff and our children and the implementation of our academic program. In recognizing that all children have a distinct pattern of development and differing needs, our teachers plan individualized programs and curricula.
Activities and projects tend to be open-ended process rather than product- oriented. They are designed to foster self-learning and decision-making in students. Active exploration, music, dramatic play, learning centers, and visual aides provide for the physical, intellectual, and emotional growth of each student.
In developing a warm and trusting relationship with teachers, children are empowered to believe in themselves. Through social interaction with their peers, children cultivate the self-expression and problem- solving skills that will ensure their future success.
A) To create a loving and supportive Jewish atmosphere where each child's uniqueness and creativity are valued.
B) To provide a rich and structured academic program that involves each child in the excitement of learning.
C) To demonstrate and encourage values important to social, emotional, and spiritual growth.

Excerpted from the preschool's website