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Annsworth Academy

2707 Killarney Way # C
Tallahassee, FL 32309-3224

(850) 893-4072


Philosophy & Approach

Day in the Life

General School Mission

"Experiences during the first five years of life are extremely important in influencing each child's eventual intellectual and personal development. Annsworth Academy dedicates its efforts to providing a happy, safe and enriched environment to nurture the intellectual, physical and emotional growth of all of the children placed in our care. We provide experiences for children to explore their environment, to learn to play effectively within a group, and to develop independence and self-control. The attitudes and behaviors we model all influence their development and give them a feeling of self-confidence.
All religions, races, and cultures are equally valued and welcomed into our school community. We strive to build a sense of the group as a community, bringing each child's culture, language and/or special needs into the shared culture of the school so that each child feels accepted and gains a sense of belonging.

Our teachers provide a solid educational program for the students. Setting goals for our children that include developing skills for creative thinking, problem solving and taking responsibility, help them learn to live within our society. We provide a curriculum of weekly units with various topics relating to seasons, holidays, and the world around us. Experiences in math, language arts, science, social studies, creative movement, art and music are offered daily during their circle and center times.

Our playgrounds provide a safe environment for physical education, which is an integral part of our program. An appropriate level of fitness can lead to a more confident outlook, emotional stability and better mental and physical health in general.
The role of the teacher, her training, natural abilities and personality, are crucial in setting the stage for happy, productive learning. By bringing to the children new, relevant and exciting materials, with "hands on" experiences, she can guide the children into an exciting new world. The professional growth of our staff is assured by in-house training, professional workshops, teacher's meetings and curriculum development.

Meaningful communication between the parent and the staff is welcomed and encouraged. Parent bulletin boards in each classroom provide daily information, the monthly calendar and newsletter, and other progress reports help parents to stay informed on their child's progress.
Annsworth has an "Open Door" policy and encourages parent volunteerism and participation at every level. These added experiences offer unique learning opportunities for the children that will benefit them throughout life.

Excerpted from the preschool's website