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Brevard Jewish Community Schl

5995 N Wickham Rd
Melbourne, FL 32940-2003

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General School Mission

"Educators in Jewish schools are challenged by a unique opportunity and a sacred responsibility – to provide a rich environment filled with learning experiences that underscore the wisdom, beauty, holiness and values of Judaism and Jewish heritage while maintaining a strong connection and sensitivity to the world at large. To such an end, our programs receive continual sculpting and redefining. It remains constant that our education at BJCS reflects a commitment to the premise that a child’s early years are critical for physical, intellectual, social, emotional and spiritual development. Accordingly, we value the integrity of each child. Our aim is to motivate and challenge the student’s unique strengths as we help develop competence, confidence and responsibility with a social awareness.

We view children as creators of meaning – active learners who make discoveries from observation, exploration and personal experience. Children construct their understanding of the world through direct interaction with the environment – that includes people, places and things. BJCS teachers act as facilitators who plan for and implement experiences that help children move forward toward more complex and fuller ways of responding.

BJCS adheres to a model of education that is interdisciplinary and collaborative. Teachers use their expertise to provide basic skills and understanding while considering individual interests and the needs of the group. Learning activities are designed to move from the simple, meaningful, challenging and achievable to the more complex. The task is to engage children in activities that build on the known to master the unknown – allowing time for discovery, completion and revision. When activities are concrete and ongoing, each step of the task opens new horizons, piques new interests and provokes new questions. As physical development occurs, transition into higher-level abstract thinking dominates and allows both the educator and the learner to explore more sophisticated venues.

BJCS values the idea that Judaism teaches us to ask questions. We firmly believe that a good question is as crucial and as important as the search for a good answer. In each area of study, time is set aside to pursue questions and interests that arise as children engage in learning. This process invites students to take responsibility for their own learning. Children who feel invested discover the joy of meaningful learning and aspire to become lifelong learners.

BJCS holds a commitment to weave the fabric of Judaic values and traditions into daily curriculum. Concepts such as Klal Yisrael (community), Dor L’dor (continuity) and Tzedakah (giving of money for the needy) permeate lessons. Shabbat and the holidays present an important core of our Judaic studies. The Jewish life cycle and calendar structure many of our days. Hebrew as a living language – one that is used in conversation and song as well as in prayer fosters our connection and continuity with our community. BJCS is dedicated to supporting our parents, their families and the Jewish community in the sacred responsibility of strengthening the links that pass Judaism on from generation to generation.

Excerpted from the preschool's website