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Jupiter First Church Preschool

1475 Indian Creek Parkway
Jupiter, FL 33458

(561) 743-1885


Philosophy & Approach

Day in the Life

General School Mission

"The commitment of the family at JupiterFIRST Church Preschool is to provide positive learning experiences that challenge children to explore new ideas and interact with others. We supply the love, encouragement and proper guidance for optimal learning.
Excerpted from the preschool's website

A Typical Day

"Every class has a schedule posted on a bulletin board with other information about the classroom. The following is an idea of what a daily routine would consist of. This follows a model of the High/Scope Demonstration Preschool:
Greeting Time - provides a smooth transition from home to school and gives children and adults a chance to share important information for the day.
Planning Time - children indicate what they choose to do during work time. Adults try to understand children's plans and often try to help children extend their plans.
Work Time - Children carry out their initial plans. Children can work with any of the materials in any of the interest areas. Adults observe children and look for opportunities to enter into children's activities to encourage their thinking, extend their play, and help them wrestle with problem-solving situations.
Cleanup - children and adults together return materials and equipment to their storage spaces and, when appropriate, put away or find display space for their personal creations.
Recall Time - brings closure to the plan work recall sequence. Children reflect on, talk about and/or show what they have done at work time.
Snack & Meal Time - children and adults share nutritious food and interesting conversation together in a relaxed, family-style manner.
Large-Group Time - children and adults get together to play games, tell and re-enact stories, sing, enjoy finger play, dance, play musical instruments, or reenact special events. This time is an opportunity for each child to participate in a large group, sharing ideas and learning from the ideas of others.
Small-Group Time - each adult meets with a consistent small group of children (between 6 & 10) to work with materials planned and introduced by the adult. Although the adult chooses and introduces the materials, each child has control over what he or she will do with these materials.
Outside Time - children engage in vigorous, noisy outdoor play. Adults participate in and support children's play in the outdoor setting.
Excerpted from the preschool's website