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Beach United Methodist School

325 7th Ave N
Jacksonville Beach, FL 32250

(904) 249-0124


Philosophy & Approach

Day in the Life

General School Mission

"The most important period of learning for a child is the period from birth to the age of six. The goal of the teacher in our Early Learning Center is to help each child develop to his or her full potential physically, socially, spiritually, emotionally, and intellectually. Our program provides a place where children can learn and grow in a positive, Christian environment.
We teach communication and social skill necessary to make friends, interact with others, and play freely. We introduce number concepts through manipulative materials. Language development evolves through dramatic play, poetry, and stories. The program also includes music, social studies, science, and cooking. Children are led to make comparisons, form judgments, reason, and decide.
We talk about God's world, all that He has created, and about His love for each child. Christian values are emphasized and shared with the children in ways that are developmentally appropriate. We begin each day with the Pledge of Allegiance, a prayer and a short Bible story or thought. The blessing is said or sung before each snack and at lunchtime.
Our purpose is to help each child develop individually the basic habits, attitudes, skills, ideas and appreciations that are essential for a lifetime of creative learning. A positive, loving, Christian environment is provided where children learn through play and other activities. We consider the Early Learning Center to be a part of the Christian outreach of Beach United Methodist Church in the community.
Excerpted from the preschool's website