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Comeunity Montessori School

215 South Apopka Avenue
Inverness, FL 34452

(352) 637-4367


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General Approach to Learning: Montessori

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General School Mission

"Maria Montessori viewed the child as full of potential and desire to learn. Toward this end, from birth to approximately six years of age, the child absorbs a tremendous amount of knowledge. At no other stage in his or her life will a child learn and absorb more than in these first six years. Without question, the child will absorb whatever is available in his/her environment. Montessori education provides a stimulating environment that allows the child to absorb knowledge for developing skills that will serve them for life.

Lessons are presented in both group and individual formats. The learning process, however, is an individual experience in which the child explores and discovers. Because the experience of self-discovery is infinitely longer lasting than spoon-fed answers, our materials are specifically designed for self-exploration.

Dr. Montessori also knew the value of the multi-aged classroom where children who may be at different stages of development can excel, or find a comfortable place to learn without frustration and/or failure. As such, the Montessori curriculum works to fit the child rather than the child working to fit the curriculum. And while the teachers are always present for guidance, we like to encourage the children to help each other. This cooperative attitude builds confidence, self-esteem and a supportive "society" within the classroom.

At ComeUnity Montessori we are dedicated to teaching the whole child -- not only the math and language skills associated with traditional schools -- but basic problem solving, grace, courtesy, peaceful conflict resolution and the value of independence with internal discipline as well. The Montessori experience teaches children how to learn, allowing for a child who is confident and prepared for our changing society.

Dr. Montessori's ideas were innovative at the turn of the last century, and they are still innovative. Montessori advised us to follow the child for he will let us know where he needs to go, what he is ready to take on. That idea will serve us well as we follow our children into the 21st century "
Excerpted from the preschool's website